Monday, May 25, 2009

Sharp Time - hangover

Day 7 (Friday): We decided to make on last stop at the outlets and lunch on sushi. It was scrumptious. After a stop by Target to pick up a few items for the trip home we went back to the house with hopes of a little more beach time. It started raining...needless to say we didn't get back to the beach. We ate dinner and stayed up late, woke up early, which leads me to...
Day 8 (Saturday): still raining. We contemplated staying one more night, or even until noon to say goodbye to the sand and surf. We were discouraged by the weather reports and decided to head home. Smart choice, we drove through rain almost the entire way home. Our wonderful Sue-wee offered to fill our bellies with the traditional southern comfort and sent us home around 9pm.
The kids had a decent trip. I slept and read a lot. Shane is our super-human safe driver. We are all still recovering. Thank goodness for Memorial Day. We actually made it to church yesterday, albeit late...but there. Today was a day for errands and a movie. Night at the Museum 2, gotta love Ben Stiller.
This coming weekend brings a wedding for my baby brother, flower girl for my little one and ring bearer for my bigger one. Back to the grind tomorrow, welcome grind. You always come back right when I need you.


Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

How was the movie? Can I take the kids?

Natalie said...

awesome!! it sounds like you had a fantastic time! i love how you write and i love reading you rock!