Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sharp Time - Day 6

Wednesday - We got haircuts all Becca. I woke up with hopes of a girls day. The boys had their night, and now it was supposed to be our turn. Much to my dismay, it was turned into a girls....couple-a hours. And I was hit with achy-ness and fever right in the middle of it. We were supposed to enjoy a sweet fondue dessert and added time at the outlets. The day was narrowed down to lunch at Johnny Rockets, a stop at a ghetto Ross and then to Target. It was just okay. Upon our return home, Holly had a birthday to ready for her almost 5 year old, and I REALLY needed a nap to allow my meds to kick in. Shane and my kids were no where to be found. I woke up with some relief, but still no family.

The family made it back to the house just in time for grilled hot dogs and hamburgers...he had taken the kids to the pier in Panama City to "get out of the house". We ate, sang, opened presents, then retreated to the beach for fireworks at sunset.



We all walked through tidal pools, collected more seashells, and watched the crabs. It really was as romantic as it sounds.
* * * * * * * * *
Thursday - the Hartzell's left, back to Little Rock. The Tobler's moved out of our room to their own. We hung out by the pool this morning. Ate some lunch and now we are heading out to the Splash park at Destin Commons.

(look at this little muffin, she is tasty indeed)

Thursday night - we finally got the girl's night we bargained for. After getting rained out at the splash park we went back to the outlets with a partially hidden desire to send the guys home with the kids. Well it happened, the stars aligned. Becca and I stayed (Teriney was tired from all of her baby growing so she went home to nap). It was REALLY nice to shop stress-free. We went to Outback for dinner then a quick stop by the grocery store on the way home. Around 9:30pm Shane called to make sure we weren't in jail and that was when he put a cherry on top of the evening. He had the kids fed, bathed, lotioned, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, and in bed by 7:30pm...asleep by 8pm. Whata Guy!!! It was a good night. Thanks babes, it really helped my spirits...

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