Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sharp Time - Day 4

Sunday - woke up and went to the beach. Tyler was really excited to chase the waves. Cannon was really excited to build a sand castle with his dad. Ryli slipped on her sunglasses and her attitude and camped on the beach chair with her legs crossed. She refused to pass the layer of seaweed that separated her chair from the waves. Oh well.
The boys had a great time building, collecting and digging. After many a plea, I escorted Ryli back to the beach house to where there wasn't any seaweed. We laid out by the pool and Ryli conquered the deep end...again. The boys came back, swam, then had lunch. The day was relaxing, it ended with a little celebration of Holly's 30th year. We had a delicious dinner, then dessert. (Ty found this little guy in the pool)
Monday - went to the outlets. I found some great things, the kids got their vacation surprises. We had lunch at Chili's, Shane got to visit the Bass Pro Shop, then back to the house. It was my night for cooking. I stopped and picked up some fresh shrimp for a pasta dish. Again, another early night for the kids, and a late night for the adults.
Tuesday - in Seaside. We had lunch at Seaside Grill, walked the outdoor market, then over to Sundog and Gelatto. It was exactly how we remembered it, the streets were a little more crowded this time of year though. We came back to the house and went swimming, then to the beach for some play. I got burned.
Cannon is much more excited about the beach this time. He took his super hero's for a dip, Aquaman felt right at home in the water. Tyler flew a kite and swam out to chest deep. This kid is fearless, it's making me crazy! He found a huge seashell for Ryli. I'm not sure it was originally for her, when she saw it though, he didn't hesitate to hand it over. Ryli built sandcastles with her new seashell and a random feather she found. She had to defend her fortress from the boys the entire time.
The guys went out tonight to some sports bar/bowling alley. They went a little crazy with Karaoke and fake tattoos. The girls stayed in for a little American Idol and Bravo watching.

The weather has been a somewhat temperamental. We've been expecting rain, but haven't see any. The winds have been strong and consistent, temperatures in the mid 70's mostly. We've stayed warm enough as long as we're in the sun. The ocean is comfortable and mellow. Very different from last time.

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Michelle said...

So so so jealous!! It looks like you guys are having so much fun. Can't wait to see more pics:)