Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sharp time - Day 1

On the way to Florida we stopped and spent the night in Vicksburg MS. Shane, being the history lover that he is, was pretty excited about it. We got into V-burg around 7:30 pm, checked into our hotel and I ran to the outlets for a quick look see. We ate a little and took the babes swimming...then called it a night. We actually weren't able to call it a night until 11pm when the kids FINALLY fell asleep.
We were on a strict schedule to be at the Civil War Military park by 8am when the gates opened. We made it by 8:30am. We ventured into the visitors center, then drove around the 16 mile course of historical markers. It was pretty amazing. The kids only cared about 1 thing...getting out of the car and running, and well, climbing. On everything.

The USS Cairo was unreal, a naval ship that was sunk nearly 150 years ago. It was on display and open for the public to explore.
We didn't have enough time to investigate the Confederate side, we might have to stop on the way home. We wanted to hit the road by 10am. We left the park around 10:30am and I found a must see fabric store so we actually left around 11am. We arrived at the beach house around 5pm. If my calculations are correct our drive time was 10 hours. Not too bad.

The kids did good. We're here, and now I'm going to put on my swimsuit and hit the sand.
Happy 30th Birthday Holly!

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