Friday, May 15, 2009

outside of the box

a convo from this morning worth recording:

Ty: Dad I wish I were a mosquito.
Shane: Why?

Ty: So that I could speak their language and ask them to stop eating me up. They really need to find someone else to pick on.

Shane proceeded straight to my bedside to inform me. We'll appreciate this someday.

a little background, Tyler is allergic to mosquito bites. the bite area gets really red and swollen to sometimes golf ball size. mosquitoes hunt Tyler, i tell him it's because he's so sweet. he really is you know.

jumping subjects:

today we are leaving for the beach. we are pit stopping in Vicksburg MS to stay the night and visit a Civil War battlefield. I've also managed to locate a potentially wonderful fabric store. we should arrive in FL around 4 or 5 tomorrow...dreamy.

my most recent project:

i've been making a lot of these bags lately with mother's day and teacher appreciation week. this one is for me:)

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Michelle said...

Will you teach me how to do that when you come down?? Pretty please:)