Thursday, May 14, 2009

mini me

Ryli went to Pink Bliss this afternoon to celebrate her friend Caroline's 6th birthday. She loved seeing her special friend. I really enjoyed watching my daughter in HER element. There was make-up, nail polish, up-do's, tutu's, dancing and mucho glitter. She was more ways than one.
I took so many pictures.
We came home and rushed through our evening rituals with my many pleas of showers and dinner. Tonight I really had to beg. When it came to Ryli's turn, she was determined to try my very, very last patient. She protested the idea of messing up her hair and didn't want to be clean...AT ALL! I counted, she cried, and slowly climbed into the shower. After a few minutes I came back in to check on her. I found her faced away from the water, sitting indian style, protecting her beloved make-up by covering her face with her hands. It broke my heart.

I knelt down beside the bathtub and promised I would save the little pink shiny hearts that were stuck near her eyes. I promised to give her several makeovers over our vacation next week and reminded her that she was just as special with make-up as without. It sure is fun to celebrate yourself though.

I remember those feelings from when I was a little girl. I love having a daughter, a person that I can relate to in ways that no one else can. We are outnumbered in our little family. Together,we hold our own pretty well. It's almost like a secret society, having your very own little girl. I cherish her. Enjoy the pictures.