Monday, May 11, 2009


i woke up Sunday morning to an amazing cloud-covered sky. it was tailor made, spring showers do wonders for my spirit. it's the south in me. i emerged from the bedroom with an annoying head/eye ache over my left eye. the boys acknowledged me with great big hugs and i love yous, then went back to cartoons. shane immediately offered up breakfast, i ordered a burrito, then i was ordered back to bed. on my way i was stopped by ryli, she had a package for me. she had only reminded me about 35 times not to look under her dresser "NO MATTER WHAT" since friday after school. well, i didn't. it was a fill in the blank questionnaire about her mom. the highlight was that she told ms. stuart that my age is 50. i enjoyed that, and truthfully, most days i do feel like i'm 50. tyler also made me a sweet card and drew me a picture of our family. i was the largest illustration, because it was my day no doubt.

breakfast was delivered to my bedside piping hot. ryli vowed to stay next to me all morning. she ate her breakfast next to me, then handed me pins as i polished off MY mother's day projects. she insisted on wearing a thimble for protection. it was so ryli.

i got as much done as i could then started preparing for dinner. the party was at our house this time. i didn't want the mother's in my life to have to work so i did a little cooking of my own and had some catered.

next was getting ready for church, went smooth. my most important mother's day miracle happened when i was getting Cannon ready for church. i had picked out a short sleeve polo and sweater vest. he was adamant about not wearing the sweater vest but my reasoning instinct kicked in and i asked him if he would wear the sweater vest and skip doing his hair. i'm not sure who got the better end of that deal...but i couldn't believe he reasoned with me. it's a first, and a miracle. my joy was short lived when he screamed the entire way to church because his seat belt was too tight. now my head/eye ache was pounding, ryli wasn't happy about it either.

church went well, the kids sang in sacrament and made cards in primary. we left an hour early, but it was cold, and rainy...and i had company coming.

i got no nap, but it's safe to say that i do any other sunday. i sewed, baked, vacuumed and dusted. i was happy to do it...for the ladies. of course i was NOT giving shane any dirty looks as i vacuumed and he played the wii, nope...not me.

dinner preparation wrapped itself up and my guests began to arrive. the griffins, mom, dad, spencer, jeanie and sue-wee. my little bungalow hasn't ever possibly felt so much love. it was a lovely evening and the food was tasty. after opening gifts and a little dessert we visited and said goodnight. shane worked hard in the kitchen.

i snuggled my babies up a little past bedtime what with the excitement of company.

throughout the day i had several brief moments of reflection. in the past 8 years, i have learned things i didn't know life could hold. there are only 4 people in my life that are responsible for that and i see them, hear them and feel them everyday. this next year i vow to be more aware of that, to try with all of my might to not take them for granted.

happy mothers day to all the mothers in my life, and to my 4 very important's all because of you.

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Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

My Mother's day did NOT go quite as swimmingly as yours!!!
Love the fabric...if fabric were something that rocked my world...tee hee!