Monday, May 25, 2009

Sharp Time - hangover

Day 7 (Friday): We decided to make on last stop at the outlets and lunch on sushi. It was scrumptious. After a stop by Target to pick up a few items for the trip home we went back to the house with hopes of a little more beach time. It started raining...needless to say we didn't get back to the beach. We ate dinner and stayed up late, woke up early, which leads me to...
Day 8 (Saturday): still raining. We contemplated staying one more night, or even until noon to say goodbye to the sand and surf. We were discouraged by the weather reports and decided to head home. Smart choice, we drove through rain almost the entire way home. Our wonderful Sue-wee offered to fill our bellies with the traditional southern comfort and sent us home around 9pm.
The kids had a decent trip. I slept and read a lot. Shane is our super-human safe driver. We are all still recovering. Thank goodness for Memorial Day. We actually made it to church yesterday, albeit late...but there. Today was a day for errands and a movie. Night at the Museum 2, gotta love Ben Stiller.
This coming weekend brings a wedding for my baby brother, flower girl for my little one and ring bearer for my bigger one. Back to the grind tomorrow, welcome grind. You always come back right when I need you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sharp Time - Day 6

Wednesday - We got haircuts all Becca. I woke up with hopes of a girls day. The boys had their night, and now it was supposed to be our turn. Much to my dismay, it was turned into a girls....couple-a hours. And I was hit with achy-ness and fever right in the middle of it. We were supposed to enjoy a sweet fondue dessert and added time at the outlets. The day was narrowed down to lunch at Johnny Rockets, a stop at a ghetto Ross and then to Target. It was just okay. Upon our return home, Holly had a birthday to ready for her almost 5 year old, and I REALLY needed a nap to allow my meds to kick in. Shane and my kids were no where to be found. I woke up with some relief, but still no family.

The family made it back to the house just in time for grilled hot dogs and hamburgers...he had taken the kids to the pier in Panama City to "get out of the house". We ate, sang, opened presents, then retreated to the beach for fireworks at sunset.



We all walked through tidal pools, collected more seashells, and watched the crabs. It really was as romantic as it sounds.
* * * * * * * * *
Thursday - the Hartzell's left, back to Little Rock. The Tobler's moved out of our room to their own. We hung out by the pool this morning. Ate some lunch and now we are heading out to the Splash park at Destin Commons.

(look at this little muffin, she is tasty indeed)

Thursday night - we finally got the girl's night we bargained for. After getting rained out at the splash park we went back to the outlets with a partially hidden desire to send the guys home with the kids. Well it happened, the stars aligned. Becca and I stayed (Teriney was tired from all of her baby growing so she went home to nap). It was REALLY nice to shop stress-free. We went to Outback for dinner then a quick stop by the grocery store on the way home. Around 9:30pm Shane called to make sure we weren't in jail and that was when he put a cherry on top of the evening. He had the kids fed, bathed, lotioned, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, and in bed by 7:30pm...asleep by 8pm. Whata Guy!!! It was a good night. Thanks babes, it really helped my spirits...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sharp Time - Day 4

Sunday - woke up and went to the beach. Tyler was really excited to chase the waves. Cannon was really excited to build a sand castle with his dad. Ryli slipped on her sunglasses and her attitude and camped on the beach chair with her legs crossed. She refused to pass the layer of seaweed that separated her chair from the waves. Oh well.
The boys had a great time building, collecting and digging. After many a plea, I escorted Ryli back to the beach house to where there wasn't any seaweed. We laid out by the pool and Ryli conquered the deep end...again. The boys came back, swam, then had lunch. The day was relaxing, it ended with a little celebration of Holly's 30th year. We had a delicious dinner, then dessert. (Ty found this little guy in the pool)
Monday - went to the outlets. I found some great things, the kids got their vacation surprises. We had lunch at Chili's, Shane got to visit the Bass Pro Shop, then back to the house. It was my night for cooking. I stopped and picked up some fresh shrimp for a pasta dish. Again, another early night for the kids, and a late night for the adults.
Tuesday - in Seaside. We had lunch at Seaside Grill, walked the outdoor market, then over to Sundog and Gelatto. It was exactly how we remembered it, the streets were a little more crowded this time of year though. We came back to the house and went swimming, then to the beach for some play. I got burned.
Cannon is much more excited about the beach this time. He took his super hero's for a dip, Aquaman felt right at home in the water. Tyler flew a kite and swam out to chest deep. This kid is fearless, it's making me crazy! He found a huge seashell for Ryli. I'm not sure it was originally for her, when she saw it though, he didn't hesitate to hand it over. Ryli built sandcastles with her new seashell and a random feather she found. She had to defend her fortress from the boys the entire time.
The guys went out tonight to some sports bar/bowling alley. They went a little crazy with Karaoke and fake tattoos. The girls stayed in for a little American Idol and Bravo watching.

The weather has been a somewhat temperamental. We've been expecting rain, but haven't see any. The winds have been strong and consistent, temperatures in the mid 70's mostly. We've stayed warm enough as long as we're in the sun. The ocean is comfortable and mellow. Very different from last time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sharp time - Day 1

On the way to Florida we stopped and spent the night in Vicksburg MS. Shane, being the history lover that he is, was pretty excited about it. We got into V-burg around 7:30 pm, checked into our hotel and I ran to the outlets for a quick look see. We ate a little and took the babes swimming...then called it a night. We actually weren't able to call it a night until 11pm when the kids FINALLY fell asleep.
We were on a strict schedule to be at the Civil War Military park by 8am when the gates opened. We made it by 8:30am. We ventured into the visitors center, then drove around the 16 mile course of historical markers. It was pretty amazing. The kids only cared about 1 thing...getting out of the car and running, and well, climbing. On everything.

The USS Cairo was unreal, a naval ship that was sunk nearly 150 years ago. It was on display and open for the public to explore.
We didn't have enough time to investigate the Confederate side, we might have to stop on the way home. We wanted to hit the road by 10am. We left the park around 10:30am and I found a must see fabric store so we actually left around 11am. We arrived at the beach house around 5pm. If my calculations are correct our drive time was 10 hours. Not too bad.

The kids did good. We're here, and now I'm going to put on my swimsuit and hit the sand.
Happy 30th Birthday Holly!

Friday, May 15, 2009

outside of the box

a convo from this morning worth recording:

Ty: Dad I wish I were a mosquito.
Shane: Why?

Ty: So that I could speak their language and ask them to stop eating me up. They really need to find someone else to pick on.

Shane proceeded straight to my bedside to inform me. We'll appreciate this someday.

a little background, Tyler is allergic to mosquito bites. the bite area gets really red and swollen to sometimes golf ball size. mosquitoes hunt Tyler, i tell him it's because he's so sweet. he really is you know.

jumping subjects:

today we are leaving for the beach. we are pit stopping in Vicksburg MS to stay the night and visit a Civil War battlefield. I've also managed to locate a potentially wonderful fabric store. we should arrive in FL around 4 or 5 tomorrow...dreamy.

my most recent project:

i've been making a lot of these bags lately with mother's day and teacher appreciation week. this one is for me:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mini me

Ryli went to Pink Bliss this afternoon to celebrate her friend Caroline's 6th birthday. She loved seeing her special friend. I really enjoyed watching my daughter in HER element. There was make-up, nail polish, up-do's, tutu's, dancing and mucho glitter. She was more ways than one.
I took so many pictures.
We came home and rushed through our evening rituals with my many pleas of showers and dinner. Tonight I really had to beg. When it came to Ryli's turn, she was determined to try my very, very last patient. She protested the idea of messing up her hair and didn't want to be clean...AT ALL! I counted, she cried, and slowly climbed into the shower. After a few minutes I came back in to check on her. I found her faced away from the water, sitting indian style, protecting her beloved make-up by covering her face with her hands. It broke my heart.

I knelt down beside the bathtub and promised I would save the little pink shiny hearts that were stuck near her eyes. I promised to give her several makeovers over our vacation next week and reminded her that she was just as special with make-up as without. It sure is fun to celebrate yourself though.

I remember those feelings from when I was a little girl. I love having a daughter, a person that I can relate to in ways that no one else can. We are outnumbered in our little family. Together,we hold our own pretty well. It's almost like a secret society, having your very own little girl. I cherish her. Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 weeks

last week at my 3 week visit i was gifted with liberation. my doctor (my real doctor), Dr. Clark took an x-ray and told me i was free from bandage and orthopedic shoe. he told me that i needed to wear supportive sandals or tennis with soles that don't bend easily. i said surely.

now it's been 4 weeks, i feel no pain. the incision is healing well and we're leaving for the beach on friday.
(week1)this surgery gets a bad rap. it wasn't that bad, not at all.

Monday, May 11, 2009


i woke up Sunday morning to an amazing cloud-covered sky. it was tailor made, spring showers do wonders for my spirit. it's the south in me. i emerged from the bedroom with an annoying head/eye ache over my left eye. the boys acknowledged me with great big hugs and i love yous, then went back to cartoons. shane immediately offered up breakfast, i ordered a burrito, then i was ordered back to bed. on my way i was stopped by ryli, she had a package for me. she had only reminded me about 35 times not to look under her dresser "NO MATTER WHAT" since friday after school. well, i didn't. it was a fill in the blank questionnaire about her mom. the highlight was that she told ms. stuart that my age is 50. i enjoyed that, and truthfully, most days i do feel like i'm 50. tyler also made me a sweet card and drew me a picture of our family. i was the largest illustration, because it was my day no doubt.

breakfast was delivered to my bedside piping hot. ryli vowed to stay next to me all morning. she ate her breakfast next to me, then handed me pins as i polished off MY mother's day projects. she insisted on wearing a thimble for protection. it was so ryli.

i got as much done as i could then started preparing for dinner. the party was at our house this time. i didn't want the mother's in my life to have to work so i did a little cooking of my own and had some catered.

next was getting ready for church, went smooth. my most important mother's day miracle happened when i was getting Cannon ready for church. i had picked out a short sleeve polo and sweater vest. he was adamant about not wearing the sweater vest but my reasoning instinct kicked in and i asked him if he would wear the sweater vest and skip doing his hair. i'm not sure who got the better end of that deal...but i couldn't believe he reasoned with me. it's a first, and a miracle. my joy was short lived when he screamed the entire way to church because his seat belt was too tight. now my head/eye ache was pounding, ryli wasn't happy about it either.

church went well, the kids sang in sacrament and made cards in primary. we left an hour early, but it was cold, and rainy...and i had company coming.

i got no nap, but it's safe to say that i do any other sunday. i sewed, baked, vacuumed and dusted. i was happy to do it...for the ladies. of course i was NOT giving shane any dirty looks as i vacuumed and he played the wii, nope...not me.

dinner preparation wrapped itself up and my guests began to arrive. the griffins, mom, dad, spencer, jeanie and sue-wee. my little bungalow hasn't ever possibly felt so much love. it was a lovely evening and the food was tasty. after opening gifts and a little dessert we visited and said goodnight. shane worked hard in the kitchen.

i snuggled my babies up a little past bedtime what with the excitement of company.

throughout the day i had several brief moments of reflection. in the past 8 years, i have learned things i didn't know life could hold. there are only 4 people in my life that are responsible for that and i see them, hear them and feel them everyday. this next year i vow to be more aware of that, to try with all of my might to not take them for granted.

happy mothers day to all the mothers in my life, and to my 4 very important's all because of you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

perkins extended

today we drove to memphis, becca, henry, cannon and me. it was quite satisfying...i found some of this...
the place was called broom corn. odd name for a little piece of heaven. i felt sad saying goodbye, this experience was like nothing before. i was finally talked into checking out the pottery barn outlet (i quietly promised myself i would be back, SOON)....bubba was getting antsy and becca started dropping some not-so-subtle hints. i'm not so sure that it was as good for her as it was for it was good...
***oh, and perkins extended was the name of the street it took us an hour to find**

Monday, May 4, 2009

my little hero

i was weeding the garden this evening and ran into this. my mom wasn't quite sure if it was a worm, but then she saw it's tongue come out...gross. i HATE these things. i love that my 7 year old will come out and rescue me from these, well i just can't even bring myself to type the word. even loading these pictures is against my better judgement.
i just had to include this picture, his face has barely changed since his infancy. this picture really reminds me of his first year. now he's holding a sn*ke and wearing a pokemon shirt...time flies.