Saturday, April 11, 2009

the tale of a VBAC

it's been 6 years, well, almost. Ryli came into my world to validate me as a woman, then a mother.
ty is pretty dang special too but what the heck did i know waltzing into that l&d unit on that frosty January morn demanding an induction. it wasn't his fault, it was both mine and his dad's. mine because I have an insatiable need to control, and Shane's, because his son is blessed with his massive amounts of brains. a little humble pie always shows control what's up...back to Ryli.

WARNING: i'm going to re-cap my labor experience for the sake of my posterity, skip if you wish- you probably should....

i went in on April 10th to see the doc for a little "roughing up"- then i went to cruise the mall and treat little ty to a blizzard. i guess between the roughing up and the walking i kicked things into gear because around 8pm that night things started happening. i passed a rather large blood clot (sorry) and by midnight my contractions were regular. i paced, showered, and paced some more. i wanted to let ty sleep as long as possible but i was scared. i was scared that by the time i finally got to the hospital it would be too late for pain meds...we packed a bag and went to the hospital around 4am. i remember ty watching me doubled over the back of the seat in pain, i was so uncomfortable and i hated ty seeing me so stressed out.
we made it to Fort Carson, about a 25 minute drive from where we were living on the Air Force Academy. once we made it to the 3rd floor labor and delivery the nurses told me i wasn't far enough a long. you can imagine the look they got. i told them i wasn't leaving. they told me to walk, i told them to give me a bed...i knew this was real. shane tried to get tyler to go back to sleep but that wasn't happening. i finally got my epidural around 7:30am. about that time shane took ty over to Veronika's to spend the day.

once i got the epidural i was good. shane came back, the doc broke my water around 11am. the subject of debate was pitocin. it's a sticky subject once you've had a cesarean. i was finally convinced a little could only help the progress.

around 5pm the epidural picked it's favorite side of my body and only the left stayed numb. the pain was pretty intense at first and the anithesiologist was nowhere to be found. i quickly became the crazy lady from the movie that you hear at the end of hall screaming her head off with every contraction. poor shane. he just sat and watched. i think at one point he tried to calm me and didn't get a pleasant response.
we decided in a fit of desperation that a cesarean was imminent when the doctor came in and told me that we would fall 2nd in line behind a more "desperate" situation, this was around 7pm.
i guess that i was irritating the nurses station, what with all of the screaming and practically wrapping myself around the railing of the bed. the nurse came in with a push of narcotics to get me compassionate those nurses. she told me she was going to check me before she drugged me up only to find ryli's head crowning....hmmm, imagine that. all that screaming for a reason?? crazy, i know...
so within about 10 minutes i had a FAMILY PRACTITIONER staring at my nethers, he seemed as clueless as i did. he tried to give me an episiotomy and i declined passionately...several times. with ry's heart rate dropping they called the suction for re-enforcement, after about 15 minutes of pushing and a little suction ryli was born at 7:35pm.
one of my more heroic moments in life. i owe it to my little girl, she was, is and will be worth all it took to get her here, 1,000 times over. i really feel this way about all of my three but ryli's story is unique...with the boys, i cheated:)

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wow girl!!!...I'm so scared!...did you know that we are expecting???!!!..I'm freaking out!