Wednesday, April 29, 2009

luscious little rock

spring is springing in the rock. this time of year brings rain, warmer temperatures, lots of greenery kiddos are spending lots of time on our porch swing and mingling with the neighborhood cats. our garden is flourishing, i almost had two ripe strawberries, then the fat squirrel stole them. it's hard not to take that personally. i filled my window box with impatiens, i'm keeping fingers crossed that the gray cat doesn't come try to take a nap on them.
as for the other garden, well it's compliments of Heather Bailey. it's a Pop Garden to be exact, i had so much fun creating it. you will also see, a little Alexander Henry and Anna Maria Horner...some of my most favorite people. spring to me brings hope and new beginnings. new beginnings and hopes for us include, but not limited to:
new house
new church
new friends
new foot (for me)
new pursuit of degree (for shane)
hope for a bounteous garden
hope for continued good health (all around)
ballerina dreams (for ry)
and hey while i'm hoping...more smiling from cannon. happy spring folks.


Michelle said...

1. Did you sew all those thing?! I am so jealous. I would love to sew but just don't know where to even begin. Why can't you live by me:(
2. I am jealous of the garden. I have always wanted to have a little garden. It just doesn't seem possible here. Good luck with it.
Bummer...miss you guys!

Natalie said...

looks like you are adding your touch of class and cozy to your amazing little bungalow. I'm not jealous. i'm not jealous. i'm not jealous.

p.s. new church?