Thursday, April 16, 2009

6 years of Ryli

We started the celebration with her school friends on Friday the 10th. I made cupcakes for her class to eat after they got back from their trip to the Old Statehouse for a "Dinosaur" egg hunt. The kiddos were really excited to come back to a treat.

I spent Friday night preparing/stressing for the next days kids birthdays stress me out more than they should probably. I just always want them to be flawless. It's a weakness of mine, I know...

(ry has been asking me to make her a blanket, she is getting too long for the blanket she has been snuggling with since here it is, pink and white stripped minky with a soft flannel rosebud backing)

The 11th started with balloons (as always), although this time she caught her dad trying to sneak them in her room before she woke up...she was excited. We were expecting 5 of her closest friends at 9am for a PJ/breakfast party. I made a store run while Shane created yet another custom birthday cake design..he's really getting good!! Just before 9am he ran the boys to Sue-wee's so the girls could have a true girly morning, NO BOYS ALLOWED! The menu consisted of Chocolate Chip Pancakes topped with whip cream and fresh strawberries, cinnamon rolls, turkey bacon, juice and milk. Shane was the chef of course, breakfast is his specialty.

The girls arrived and started out playing Disney Bingo, then moved to the table where breakfast was served. Then out to the backyard to let a little energy loose and came back in for present
opening and cake. The last activity was decorating cookies. The girls played well and the party turned out to be quite relaxing. Ryli was gifted with some wonderful treats including a handmade nightgown, handmade hair clips, LOTS of Hello Kitty (she's a Hello Kitty FREAK), Thumbelina dolls and jewelry.

That evening we met Gram, Poppa, Aunt Jeanie, Sue-wee, and the Griffins at the Purple Cow for some dinner and purple ice cream sundae's. Then we scrambled over to the Hartzell's to cap the night off with a little egg dyeing some time with our friend family. We hurried home to get the little chicks in bed before the Easter Bunny stopped by, and we did, and he did.

I think Ryli had a pretty perfect day, so all of my stress was either all for nothing...or COMPLETELY worth it!!
HAPPY 6th birthday my RYLI!!! YOU are SuCH a BLeSSinG To our FAMILY!

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Natalie said...

sounds like a perfect day kristin! you are truly one of the best moms i know and i am always in awe of your mothering skills! you are so creative and so patient and SO loving!!! love you!
happy birthday miss ry!