Wednesday, April 29, 2009

luscious little rock

spring is springing in the rock. this time of year brings rain, warmer temperatures, lots of greenery kiddos are spending lots of time on our porch swing and mingling with the neighborhood cats. our garden is flourishing, i almost had two ripe strawberries, then the fat squirrel stole them. it's hard not to take that personally. i filled my window box with impatiens, i'm keeping fingers crossed that the gray cat doesn't come try to take a nap on them.
as for the other garden, well it's compliments of Heather Bailey. it's a Pop Garden to be exact, i had so much fun creating it. you will also see, a little Alexander Henry and Anna Maria Horner...some of my most favorite people. spring to me brings hope and new beginnings. new beginnings and hopes for us include, but not limited to:
new house
new church
new friends
new foot (for me)
new pursuit of degree (for shane)
hope for a bounteous garden
hope for continued good health (all around)
ballerina dreams (for ry)
and hey while i'm hoping...more smiling from cannon. happy spring folks.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

no clue

Tyler is being trouble. It seems like every afternoon around 3:40 when my school-age cuties come bounding out and into my car Ty has a mischievous little grin. He has a certain story to share about his day.

Last week we had two recess academy's, two incidents involving tears on the playground, and as a bonus an email on Friday about a Gameboy that somehow made it's way into his pocket before he left the house that morning.

We recently had a talk with Ty about sneaking things, not sure if he learned anything. Do 7 year olds learn anything with these kind of talks? I offered (or threatened) to sew his pockets closed if that would help...

I've never really gotten mad at him for what he does at school. He is a good student. Sometimes he giggles in class out of turn and sometimes he wants to bring things to school to share with his friends. I suppose I can't blame him.

I ask myself, do I reprimand him for these "normal things" or do I reassure him with my usual..."I remember doing those kinds of things."

Then my next question is, do I want him to feel confident in himself and free to make good choices ON HIS OWN, or do I want him to be disciplined and always do what he is told. And if he always does what he is told does that mean he will cave into peer pressure as a teen. And if I let him make his own choices how far will he go? Yikes...

Do I separate school from home...let the school discipline stay at school? How many times do you need to hear from someone what you've done wrong?

So I digress...where is that frickin' manual, how do I parent a 7 year old boy again??

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my friend with benefits

(isn't she cute!)
all horizons that have been broadened since she graced me with her friendship. most recently, it's my physicality (if that is a word). she cut my hair last, and i love it:)
thx bex.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I had surgery on Tuesday morning, now I'm recovering. The surgery went well, I passed right out upon entering the O.R. and didn't wake back up until I was being wheeled out to recovery. I was told on the way out that I sighed "that was wonderful," in which I was probably referring to the best half hour of un-interrupted sleep that I've had in about 8 years. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the breaking of the bones in my foot, yeah pretty sure. I spent the next 24 hours
I'm doing well, got off of the narcotics after 24 hours, I'm not a fan of those things. I've kept up on Extra Strength Tylenol and my antibiotics (which are also making me crazy).

So far, I don't think it's been as bad as everyone warned, however I've only been in my orthopedic beauty for a few days. I've been told I can't go barefoot for 3 months. That sucks, we're going to the beach May 16th. I'm coming up with a plot to sweet talk my doctor, if only sweet talk could heal the bones in my foot...

(my first post-op 4/17/09)

**A little public affection to all those who have donated their time and dinnery goodness as of late...have I mentioned how much I love my friends? Well I do, so much in fact that I will let you (them) cook us dinner anytime you need to wait for another surgery:) xoxo

Thursday, April 16, 2009

6 years of Ryli

We started the celebration with her school friends on Friday the 10th. I made cupcakes for her class to eat after they got back from their trip to the Old Statehouse for a "Dinosaur" egg hunt. The kiddos were really excited to come back to a treat.

I spent Friday night preparing/stressing for the next days kids birthdays stress me out more than they should probably. I just always want them to be flawless. It's a weakness of mine, I know...

(ry has been asking me to make her a blanket, she is getting too long for the blanket she has been snuggling with since here it is, pink and white stripped minky with a soft flannel rosebud backing)

The 11th started with balloons (as always), although this time she caught her dad trying to sneak them in her room before she woke up...she was excited. We were expecting 5 of her closest friends at 9am for a PJ/breakfast party. I made a store run while Shane created yet another custom birthday cake design..he's really getting good!! Just before 9am he ran the boys to Sue-wee's so the girls could have a true girly morning, NO BOYS ALLOWED! The menu consisted of Chocolate Chip Pancakes topped with whip cream and fresh strawberries, cinnamon rolls, turkey bacon, juice and milk. Shane was the chef of course, breakfast is his specialty.

The girls arrived and started out playing Disney Bingo, then moved to the table where breakfast was served. Then out to the backyard to let a little energy loose and came back in for present
opening and cake. The last activity was decorating cookies. The girls played well and the party turned out to be quite relaxing. Ryli was gifted with some wonderful treats including a handmade nightgown, handmade hair clips, LOTS of Hello Kitty (she's a Hello Kitty FREAK), Thumbelina dolls and jewelry.

That evening we met Gram, Poppa, Aunt Jeanie, Sue-wee, and the Griffins at the Purple Cow for some dinner and purple ice cream sundae's. Then we scrambled over to the Hartzell's to cap the night off with a little egg dyeing some time with our friend family. We hurried home to get the little chicks in bed before the Easter Bunny stopped by, and we did, and he did.

I think Ryli had a pretty perfect day, so all of my stress was either all for nothing...or COMPLETELY worth it!!
HAPPY 6th birthday my RYLI!!! YOU are SuCH a BLeSSinG To our FAMILY!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 b-days and an Easter

it POURED on Easter Sunday, our spirits were not spoiled. The bunny still managed a pit stop and the kids were thrilled. Ty was up at 6am...excited, Shane had to roll me out of bed. I was up late and worked to death all weekend. (see pic)

Ryli got lots of Hello Kitty treats, Ty, Pokemon cards and Cannon magnetic blocks. They hunted the eggs that we colored the night before with friends and then a little chocolate consumption followed by the spiritual consumption.

We started our new church. We only stayed for the first hour, we had some serious plans with some of Sue-wee's meatballs and a pink birthday cake. Our monthly family birthday celebration was combined this year with Easter. We had a delicious lunch of Spaghettti and Meatballs, salad, and garlic bread. The kids opened their goodies from Sue-wee, then we had 4 birthdays to get to. Sue-wee made a chocolate cake with half pink and half green frosting. (green for Landry) Spencer got a mandarin pie and Gus got his own little chocolate cake. They each had presents to open and cards to read.

It really was a special day, special because I was able to spend it with really great people. Also special because while traveling to and from church I asked the kids about Easter. I taught Ryli's class in church last year and remember teaching the 5 year olds everything that happened from the death of Christ to the empty tomb. They remembered. I was proud...I am proud. I have good kids. They have good hearts...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the tale of a VBAC

it's been 6 years, well, almost. Ryli came into my world to validate me as a woman, then a mother.
ty is pretty dang special too but what the heck did i know waltzing into that l&d unit on that frosty January morn demanding an induction. it wasn't his fault, it was both mine and his dad's. mine because I have an insatiable need to control, and Shane's, because his son is blessed with his massive amounts of brains. a little humble pie always shows control what's up...back to Ryli.

WARNING: i'm going to re-cap my labor experience for the sake of my posterity, skip if you wish- you probably should....

i went in on April 10th to see the doc for a little "roughing up"- then i went to cruise the mall and treat little ty to a blizzard. i guess between the roughing up and the walking i kicked things into gear because around 8pm that night things started happening. i passed a rather large blood clot (sorry) and by midnight my contractions were regular. i paced, showered, and paced some more. i wanted to let ty sleep as long as possible but i was scared. i was scared that by the time i finally got to the hospital it would be too late for pain meds...we packed a bag and went to the hospital around 4am. i remember ty watching me doubled over the back of the seat in pain, i was so uncomfortable and i hated ty seeing me so stressed out.
we made it to Fort Carson, about a 25 minute drive from where we were living on the Air Force Academy. once we made it to the 3rd floor labor and delivery the nurses told me i wasn't far enough a long. you can imagine the look they got. i told them i wasn't leaving. they told me to walk, i told them to give me a bed...i knew this was real. shane tried to get tyler to go back to sleep but that wasn't happening. i finally got my epidural around 7:30am. about that time shane took ty over to Veronika's to spend the day.

once i got the epidural i was good. shane came back, the doc broke my water around 11am. the subject of debate was pitocin. it's a sticky subject once you've had a cesarean. i was finally convinced a little could only help the progress.

around 5pm the epidural picked it's favorite side of my body and only the left stayed numb. the pain was pretty intense at first and the anithesiologist was nowhere to be found. i quickly became the crazy lady from the movie that you hear at the end of hall screaming her head off with every contraction. poor shane. he just sat and watched. i think at one point he tried to calm me and didn't get a pleasant response.
we decided in a fit of desperation that a cesarean was imminent when the doctor came in and told me that we would fall 2nd in line behind a more "desperate" situation, this was around 7pm.
i guess that i was irritating the nurses station, what with all of the screaming and practically wrapping myself around the railing of the bed. the nurse came in with a push of narcotics to get me compassionate those nurses. she told me she was going to check me before she drugged me up only to find ryli's head crowning....hmmm, imagine that. all that screaming for a reason?? crazy, i know...
so within about 10 minutes i had a FAMILY PRACTITIONER staring at my nethers, he seemed as clueless as i did. he tried to give me an episiotomy and i declined passionately...several times. with ry's heart rate dropping they called the suction for re-enforcement, after about 15 minutes of pushing and a little suction ryli was born at 7:35pm.
one of my more heroic moments in life. i owe it to my little girl, she was, is and will be worth all it took to get her here, 1,000 times over. i really feel this way about all of my three but ryli's story is unique...with the boys, i cheated:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

allow him to introduce them

at gymnastics this evening Cannon played with the farm. it's his favorite. tonight though he brought the cow and the horse to his seat to play and apparently compare the shades of brown. after asking me if their "browns (insert bilateral lisp) were the same", he asked me which one i liked better. i told him the cow (who knows) and then he told me he liked the horse better. i asked him what the horses name was and gave me his best little shrug and replied "i nunno".

after a few moments of thought he decided, fritz (the horse) and ernst (the cow). can you guess his favorite movie? without further ado, the robinson brothers...

a quick thank you to this lovely spring thunderstorm for activating those golden tendrils