Sunday, March 15, 2009

we almost didn't come home

becca turns 30 on tuesday. obviously it calls for a special celebration. holly and i took her to dallas early friday morning and didn't return her until 1am sunday morning. we had way to much fun.

once in city, we went to the outlets, then nordy rack, then ikea. checked into this fab hotel around 9:30 and did girly things until we fell asleep early. there were lots more places to be shopped on saturday...including the mall that our hotel was attached to. we hit the galleria, then north park, a few fabric stores...and were forced, yes forced to head home around 8:30 pm saturday night. the reason for the forced departure is because holly sold her soul to her husband. if she was able to keep the 3 pairs of jeans she purchased then she would come home that night, if not she was will always be her fault.

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