Monday, March 30, 2009

recovering from spring break

planning a move the day spring break starts = added chaos to an already highly stressful situation.
i'll remember that next time. i walked in circles the first few days of the kids spring break
in. a. daze.
i stepped over boxes to meet the needs of my three demanding little ones and got hardly anything done. i did manage to find some guilt for not doing anything COOL with them on their break. so i paused in the midst of not really getting much done and managed to clear a flower bed and plant a vegetable garden. ryli was my big helper with that task, she has a bright green thumb. we also spent half a day downtown visiting the ducks at the peabody, stopping at the river front park (where ty had his first port-a-potty experience, he snuck in and man it was gross) and then cruised over to the AR Game and Fish's a cooler than it sounds. We managed a lunch at Larry's where we ran into the missionaries and the kids happened upon about $3 worth of tokens. it was a spring break miracle i tell you. Shane and I spent our nights rearranging the furniture until we found just the right fit (saturday) and spent friday night trying out a new greek restaraunt with the Tobler's and switching the playroom to our room and vice versa. the arrangement is so much better and can i just give shane a quick public display of appreciation...he really is a good sport.
now then...i got out of bed this morning at 7am. this is our new wake up time because we live so much closer to the kids school. i prepared lunches, dressed the babes and saw them off. my home is almost settled and quite cozy. cannon is sleeping in, and here i am catching up on my poor blog...hello routine. welcome back, i missed you. (wouldn't Holly be such a great mom of 7??)

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