Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it was rough

fitting all of our belongings into the Hillcrest bungalow. As adorable as it is, I asked myself more than once what I was thinking. Am I crazy? Did I really just try to squeeze everything we own into about 1400 square feet. Purging is good, settling is really good, and this sweet little bungalow in Hillcrest is even better. I feel at home here, in alot of ways it's my dream house. We planted some veggies in our new garden, my kids love the front porch, the swing, the neighborhood cats. I even think they like being a little bit closer together. Ryli has stated for the record that she no longer plays in her bed at bedtime because she knows we can hear her. Not intentional on our part, just a bonus.

Things don't matter, we do. Being closer together has brought a WHOLE LOT of work, but man it's worth it.


Michelle said...

Glad you're all moved in and that you guys love it!

Amy said...

Glad you like it! sad we won't see you on Sunday's anymore. can you just sneak over every once in a while?

Natalie said...

yeah!!! i am so happy for you guys....i want to see some pictures!