Saturday, March 7, 2009


ty stayed home from school yesterday because he lost his voice. the boys and i were forced to venture out with the showing of the house. we visited krispy kreme then target. we were cruising the isles and stumbled upon the underwear section...i was looking at the tights. here is what i overheard:

cannon (tightly clutching a navy bra): mom, i really like this one. can i get one of these?

ty (mr. matter of fact sitting in the cart): no bubba, those are so that the milk doesn't leak out...aren't they mom??

me (hesitant as to not interrupt their clever conversation): actually, they are used for support and comfort

ty (perplexed): well then why don't i have one?

me (smirking): because you don't have breasts buddy

ty (jealous perhaps?): will ryli have to wear one?

me (self-assured): someday... if i let her grow up

a few other things:
cannon is fully potty trained, way too easy
took ty to see coraline friday night, not a kid movie
we're moving in 13 days...thrilled
ryli dressed up as angelina the ballerina yesterday for the storybook parade
shane stayed out until 2am playing ps3...with a cold, now he's snoring on the couch


Em said...

and t is snoring in his bed and has been ever since i got home from work... what a saturday night :)

Amy said...

That's pretty funny. At least they both have an understanding of the important things of life. comfort. support. and no leaks!