Monday, March 30, 2009

recovering from spring break

planning a move the day spring break starts = added chaos to an already highly stressful situation.
i'll remember that next time. i walked in circles the first few days of the kids spring break
in. a. daze.
i stepped over boxes to meet the needs of my three demanding little ones and got hardly anything done. i did manage to find some guilt for not doing anything COOL with them on their break. so i paused in the midst of not really getting much done and managed to clear a flower bed and plant a vegetable garden. ryli was my big helper with that task, she has a bright green thumb. we also spent half a day downtown visiting the ducks at the peabody, stopping at the river front park (where ty had his first port-a-potty experience, he snuck in and man it was gross) and then cruised over to the AR Game and Fish's a cooler than it sounds. We managed a lunch at Larry's where we ran into the missionaries and the kids happened upon about $3 worth of tokens. it was a spring break miracle i tell you. Shane and I spent our nights rearranging the furniture until we found just the right fit (saturday) and spent friday night trying out a new greek restaraunt with the Tobler's and switching the playroom to our room and vice versa. the arrangement is so much better and can i just give shane a quick public display of appreciation...he really is a good sport.
now then...i got out of bed this morning at 7am. this is our new wake up time because we live so much closer to the kids school. i prepared lunches, dressed the babes and saw them off. my home is almost settled and quite cozy. cannon is sleeping in, and here i am catching up on my poor blog...hello routine. welcome back, i missed you. (wouldn't Holly be such a great mom of 7??)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it was rough

fitting all of our belongings into the Hillcrest bungalow. As adorable as it is, I asked myself more than once what I was thinking. Am I crazy? Did I really just try to squeeze everything we own into about 1400 square feet. Purging is good, settling is really good, and this sweet little bungalow in Hillcrest is even better. I feel at home here, in alot of ways it's my dream house. We planted some veggies in our new garden, my kids love the front porch, the swing, the neighborhood cats. I even think they like being a little bit closer together. Ryli has stated for the record that she no longer plays in her bed at bedtime because she knows we can hear her. Not intentional on our part, just a bonus.

Things don't matter, we do. Being closer together has brought a WHOLE LOT of work, but man it's worth it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

we almost didn't come home

becca turns 30 on tuesday. obviously it calls for a special celebration. holly and i took her to dallas early friday morning and didn't return her until 1am sunday morning. we had way to much fun.

once in city, we went to the outlets, then nordy rack, then ikea. checked into this fab hotel around 9:30 and did girly things until we fell asleep early. there were lots more places to be shopped on saturday...including the mall that our hotel was attached to. we hit the galleria, then north park, a few fabric stores...and were forced, yes forced to head home around 8:30 pm saturday night. the reason for the forced departure is because holly sold her soul to her husband. if she was able to keep the 3 pairs of jeans she purchased then she would come home that night, if not she was will always be her fault.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


ty stayed home from school yesterday because he lost his voice. the boys and i were forced to venture out with the showing of the house. we visited krispy kreme then target. we were cruising the isles and stumbled upon the underwear section...i was looking at the tights. here is what i overheard:

cannon (tightly clutching a navy bra): mom, i really like this one. can i get one of these?

ty (mr. matter of fact sitting in the cart): no bubba, those are so that the milk doesn't leak out...aren't they mom??

me (hesitant as to not interrupt their clever conversation): actually, they are used for support and comfort

ty (perplexed): well then why don't i have one?

me (smirking): because you don't have breasts buddy

ty (jealous perhaps?): will ryli have to wear one?

me (self-assured): someday... if i let her grow up

a few other things:
cannon is fully potty trained, way too easy
took ty to see coraline friday night, not a kid movie
we're moving in 13 days...thrilled
ryli dressed up as angelina the ballerina yesterday for the storybook parade
shane stayed out until 2am playing ps3...with a cold, now he's snoring on the couch

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a cake i baked

All week long the kids are doing special activities in celebration of Dr. Suess' b-day. Ms. Stuart asked me to bake a cake and read to the class. I baked, Shane sliced and diced, and I frosted. The most impressive thing about the cake is that it arrived at the school in one piece with no dings or dents.
I also spent a chunk of time helping out with the book know what happens when you do that??? You spend $55 on justification. Books are a better investment than toys, the school benefits, your teachers have a wish list, if you get some for one you end up getting for all three, oh and it's Dr. Suess' BIRTHDAY...the best of intentions, always. Perhaps more impressive than the safe cake arrival was that I was parked at the school for over 3 hours and did not get one parking ticket! Crazy Thursday awaits with more craziness than usual...p.s. Cannon potty trained himself yesterday...