Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day brings healing for all

Ryli made her Valentines this year...thanks for the cute idea Holly!
The girls and I got together on Tuesday and made this heart garland, it was fun and turned out so cute!
I'm in LOVE with this house...and I get to move into it in March!
The kids are slowly improving. They should be ready to go back to school on Tuesday. We need some, you can find us at the park, picnicing. I'm going on a date with my sweetheart tonight
Happy Valentines Day.


Liz&Meg said...

i think the hands turn out much cuter with bigger hands! Meg's turned out funny looking! :)

where is the house????

Michelle said...

Cute house. You'll have to post about all the details...with pictures:) When exactly do you move in?

Eric said...

The house looks sweet! Reminds me of Sugarhouse or the Avenues in SLC. Nice.