Tuesday, February 17, 2009

goodbye blur.

my routine started again this morning at 7am. Well, it was almost back to normal. We are usually up at 6:30am on a school morn, we slept a little late. Shane was up late with work work, organizing work...and kitchen work. I signed out at 10:30pm, early for me. The house we are living in was put on the market today, hence the organizing work.

I got stuff done today. Laundry...all of it, lots of papers shredded (new year cleansing), garbage and recycle out, storage solutions purchased, groceries purchased, the standard picking up after two VERY LONG weeks of a Sharp tornado, Ryli's toys organized, then re-organized, kids picked up from school on time, and at the end 4 bellies full of Larry's. Poor Shane had to work late...and on about 3 hours of sleep no less...no Larry's for Shane tonight:(

So our 2 week blur of recovery has ended and our routine has resumed...at least until mid-March when we start the relocation process. I heart routine, more than that, I heart well children.

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Michelle said...

Glad the kids are feeling better. Good luck with the move...you guys are pro's at that:)