Tuesday, February 24, 2009

free pancakes

today has been a good day. bubba and me hung out at the house ALL DAY prepping for the nazi realtor. she left a long list of assignments.

we picked up the kids from school, Ty entered the car minus his jacket and water bottle...usual. he also clutched two library books with CELLS as the subject. he actually approached the librarian and asked where he might find some books on science...makes a mother proud, that little science guy.

Ryli entered the car carrying some of Ty's belongings, she always helps him gather up to come home. she's very maternal...her nature. she clutched a book with pink ballerina's on the cover. she informed me that in THIS book everything was pink...how dreamy for my ballerina girl.

Cannon spent the day practicing kung fu on Po. he loves kung fu lately. he asked Shane the other day why we had two legs. Shane explained that we would probably fall a lot with only one leg, so Cannon proceeded to demonstrate...then humbly agreed.
after school we had about an hour to kill so we met the Hartzell's at the park. Tyler and Gary climbed trees, and got yelled at by the tree police (an old man who lives next to the park) for breaking branches...oops. Ryli decided that because there were no obvious solutions for urinal relief she would just do what everyone does...go casually in her pants and carry on as normal.


Cannon and Bram had a lot of fun chasing the balls and sliding. that was really the only thing they did.

we went to meet Shane so he could take the kids from me and I could go to PTA then enrichment. also, because it was National Pancake Day me and the girls (+joe) went to celebrate. pancakes we had...free short stacks. they were yummy, but the gossip was even yummier.

tomorrow, 9am...dentist...all 3. fingers crossed for no cavities.

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