Tuesday, February 3, 2009


for 4 out of 10 tonsils in our family. We say Good Riddance to Tyler and Ryli's. They have caused great discomfort to most of us so it is time to part ways. Cannon hung out with Sue-wee while we spent the day at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Let me just say...that place is like no other. The employees can safely be compared to angels, and our doctor, well we like him a lot too. He happens to be a good friend with a great wife and a very yummy baby boy. Dr. Rob bumped us up to VIP status so we were even allowed to break a few small rules, such as entering recovery before the kids had woken up. It was a little disturbing to see my babies knocked out cold with all of the cords and monitors hooked up to them. Everyone was very kind to us and treated my children as if they were their own. Ryli went first, her time was 1:50pm. She was out within 30 minutes. Fuzzy Fuzzy went in with her, he also got a strawberry mask and a bracelet. She roused herself coughing and crying. She was not happy with the splint on her left hand to protect the IV. I picked her up and rocked her for the next hour. Ty came back within a half hour after Ry. Keylion accompanied him through the procedure, he wore bubble gum. Ty also did really well. Both of their tonsils were HUGE but Ty won the contest. He asked Rob if he could have them and Rob compromised with pictures (yes those are posted per Ty's request). We were expecting to spend the night but the kids recovered so quick that we were able to come home. Ryli immediately asked for a popsicle and a second right after she finished the first. Ty slept for a while and drank water soon after he woke up. We were sent to observation as soon as they were cleared and then sent home.
The Befores:The Afters:We went to get Cannon around 6pm and were thrilled to see an entire meal of Gumbo, Limas, fresh fruit, a loaf of french bread and a chocolate pie waiting for us all bagged up. A very excited Cannon bounded through Sue-wee's living room and leaped into my arms. It was a very long day and I was so happy to see him and smell dinner. We hadn't eaten anything all day.
Here come the tonsil pics...beware:



Sayra said...

I was five when I had my tonsils removed and I can still remember what I was doing before my surgery and will tell you about it someday but what I remember after the surgery was that I couldn't walk. I also came home to a ton of new presents. I remember crawling everywhere but now that I am older I think I was just being dramatic. Imagine that!

Amy said...

Here's to Dr. Rob!! I'm glad that those misery causing tonsils are out! Hopefully the kids will stay healthy now. Hope you're all doing well and the kids are recovering quickly.

Natalie said...

I know that you warned me...but those tonsil pics made me shiver a little bit. Hope everyone is doing better. Love you all!

Michelle said...

Glad that the kids are doing well:)