Friday, February 27, 2009

Crackberry Vomit

my crackberry needs relief, it's memory is loaded with all of this:henry helping at larry'sbecca ordered a chocolate chip pizza made "special" and they brought out her own mini...she ate it by the slicecannon as a burrito in a sam's cart, he's napping and refused to uncover my sweetie before work one morning, he recently added sweaters to his work wardrobe...yummy these two are actually Spencer's iphone vomit...cannon's 3rd b-day celebration, my fingers miss swimming in those curlsi saw this at rhea lana yesterday...this is a size 6...smocked outfits in general are just gross, but a size 6??? that should be illegal... sue-wee the plumber...grandfather would be so proud the kids get to do all kinds of cool things because their school is downtown. cannon and i joined ty's class one day for a trolly ride.
ty's class singing to him on his birthday
that should do it for now...


Michelle said...

Cute pics:)

Amy said...

fun stuff. I can't believe that boys smocked outfit!! I wouldn't even buy it in a 0-3 month. Makes you wonder what poor kid had to wear it the first time around.