Friday, February 27, 2009

Crackberry Vomit

my crackberry needs relief, it's memory is loaded with all of this:henry helping at larry'sbecca ordered a chocolate chip pizza made "special" and they brought out her own mini...she ate it by the slicecannon as a burrito in a sam's cart, he's napping and refused to uncover my sweetie before work one morning, he recently added sweaters to his work wardrobe...yummy these two are actually Spencer's iphone vomit...cannon's 3rd b-day celebration, my fingers miss swimming in those curlsi saw this at rhea lana yesterday...this is a size 6...smocked outfits in general are just gross, but a size 6??? that should be illegal... sue-wee the plumber...grandfather would be so proud the kids get to do all kinds of cool things because their school is downtown. cannon and i joined ty's class one day for a trolly ride.
ty's class singing to him on his birthday
that should do it for now...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

free pancakes

today has been a good day. bubba and me hung out at the house ALL DAY prepping for the nazi realtor. she left a long list of assignments.

we picked up the kids from school, Ty entered the car minus his jacket and water bottle...usual. he also clutched two library books with CELLS as the subject. he actually approached the librarian and asked where he might find some books on science...makes a mother proud, that little science guy.

Ryli entered the car carrying some of Ty's belongings, she always helps him gather up to come home. she's very maternal...her nature. she clutched a book with pink ballerina's on the cover. she informed me that in THIS book everything was dreamy for my ballerina girl.

Cannon spent the day practicing kung fu on Po. he loves kung fu lately. he asked Shane the other day why we had two legs. Shane explained that we would probably fall a lot with only one leg, so Cannon proceeded to demonstrate...then humbly agreed.
after school we had about an hour to kill so we met the Hartzell's at the park. Tyler and Gary climbed trees, and got yelled at by the tree police (an old man who lives next to the park) for breaking branches...oops. Ryli decided that because there were no obvious solutions for urinal relief she would just do what everyone does...go casually in her pants and carry on as normal.


Cannon and Bram had a lot of fun chasing the balls and sliding. that was really the only thing they did.

we went to meet Shane so he could take the kids from me and I could go to PTA then enrichment. also, because it was National Pancake Day me and the girls (+joe) went to celebrate. pancakes we short stacks. they were yummy, but the gossip was even yummier.

tomorrow, 3. fingers crossed for no cavities.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

goodbye blur.

my routine started again this morning at 7am. Well, it was almost back to normal. We are usually up at 6:30am on a school morn, we slept a little late. Shane was up late with work work, organizing work...and kitchen work. I signed out at 10:30pm, early for me. The house we are living in was put on the market today, hence the organizing work.

I got stuff done today. Laundry...all of it, lots of papers shredded (new year cleansing), garbage and recycle out, storage solutions purchased, groceries purchased, the standard picking up after two VERY LONG weeks of a Sharp tornado, Ryli's toys organized, then re-organized, kids picked up from school on time, and at the end 4 bellies full of Larry's. Poor Shane had to work late...and on about 3 hours of sleep no Larry's for Shane tonight:(

So our 2 week blur of recovery has ended and our routine has least until mid-March when we start the relocation process. I heart routine, more than that, I heart well children.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day brings healing for all

Ryli made her Valentines this year...thanks for the cute idea Holly!
The girls and I got together on Tuesday and made this heart garland, it was fun and turned out so cute!
I'm in LOVE with this house...and I get to move into it in March!
The kids are slowly improving. They should be ready to go back to school on Tuesday. We need some, you can find us at the park, picnicing. I'm going on a date with my sweetheart tonight
Happy Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a week later...

tired, so tired. my poor babies throats aren't all better yet. shane has taken a lot of time off work. i'm going stir crazy. today is the day to get everyone out. it will happen. it will.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


for 4 out of 10 tonsils in our family. We say Good Riddance to Tyler and Ryli's. They have caused great discomfort to most of us so it is time to part ways. Cannon hung out with Sue-wee while we spent the day at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Let me just say...that place is like no other. The employees can safely be compared to angels, and our doctor, well we like him a lot too. He happens to be a good friend with a great wife and a very yummy baby boy. Dr. Rob bumped us up to VIP status so we were even allowed to break a few small rules, such as entering recovery before the kids had woken up. It was a little disturbing to see my babies knocked out cold with all of the cords and monitors hooked up to them. Everyone was very kind to us and treated my children as if they were their own. Ryli went first, her time was 1:50pm. She was out within 30 minutes. Fuzzy Fuzzy went in with her, he also got a strawberry mask and a bracelet. She roused herself coughing and crying. She was not happy with the splint on her left hand to protect the IV. I picked her up and rocked her for the next hour. Ty came back within a half hour after Ry. Keylion accompanied him through the procedure, he wore bubble gum. Ty also did really well. Both of their tonsils were HUGE but Ty won the contest. He asked Rob if he could have them and Rob compromised with pictures (yes those are posted per Ty's request). We were expecting to spend the night but the kids recovered so quick that we were able to come home. Ryli immediately asked for a popsicle and a second right after she finished the first. Ty slept for a while and drank water soon after he woke up. We were sent to observation as soon as they were cleared and then sent home.
The Befores:The Afters:We went to get Cannon around 6pm and were thrilled to see an entire meal of Gumbo, Limas, fresh fruit, a loaf of french bread and a chocolate pie waiting for us all bagged up. A very excited Cannon bounded through Sue-wee's living room and leaped into my arms. It was a very long day and I was so happy to see him and smell dinner. We hadn't eaten anything all day.
Here come the tonsil pics...beware: