Friday, January 2, 2009

Here's to Hope!

For New Years Eve we fixed some fancy foods and hung out with the Griffins and Toblers. The kids were pretty much trouble free and went to bed around 10pm. It was relaxing, quiet, but let's just say the walls of privacy came tumbling down over games of Ligretto. I will leave it at that.


1. Remove the tonsils of Ty & Ry

2. Continue blogging

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables

4. Start running and Yoga again

5. Be on time more often

6. Teach myself some new sewing tricks

7. get lots of questions answered

8. love more, hate less (billy's i think?)

I fully expect to post about the success on all of the above! Sending warm wishes to anyone else who dared to make public resolutions, I might add more later...


Teriney said...

thanks for letting us share new years eve with you! It was great!!!

little rocker said...

Yeah, good times, good times! I don't recall my resolution, but love more hate less works for me.