Saturday, December 20, 2008

a very BUBBA birthday

This is how we started our day at 5am,we have a tradition of doing this for the kids on their special day.
Cannon stumbled into our room around 7:30 groggy and he hadn't even noticed the 30 balloons at the end of his bed...oh well.
I carried him right back to his room to show him and he was very excited. Then we came out and pointed out his presents and Pooh balloon and that is how the birthday monster was created.
He opened his presents which consisted of Swiss Family Robinson (his favorite movie), Super Why books, a Leapster and a Spiderman scooter. For the rest of the day he called himself the birthday boy and no one was allowed to touch his presents without permission and it was quite restrictive at that.
The Party:
Cannon invited some VIP's and their families over for pizza, cake and ice cream. The adults had Southwestern Chicken Chili. The kids played hard and ate well. Cannon was REALLY excited about the green 3 cake dad fixed up for him. I baked and mixed and Shane got creative with the knife. Cannon was so excited about his cake in fact that he tried to eat the candles. We caught him hanging out in his chair just munching away on the wax:) After more presents were opened and everyone had gone home we put the birthday boy down for a nap, to which he rode his scooter off into the sunset (or into my bedroom) climbed up on my bed and went to sleep. No one was to ride his scooter while his eyes were closed.

The Christmas Party:
This is the night of our annual family Christmas party. Everyone comes into town. We eat fabulous food, visit, and the kids get to open more presents. We sang Happy Birthday to Cannon (we will celebrate his birthday with everyone after the holidays) and had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone. From there my super-supportive Shane took the kids home and put them to bed so I could go with the girls and see Twilight...again.

* * * * * * * *

Now that all of the events are over (all but Christmas of course) I can finally relax. Christmas will be easy...enjoyable. My assignments are complete and the stress is gone. Now I can celebrate the season and enjoy the down time with my family. Merry Christmas to all...

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Michelle said...

What a fun birthday!! I am so impressed that you managed to throw a birthday party days before Christmas. No wonder you have no time to sleep:) So was that the 5th time?!