Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa wuz here...

I'll start with the beginning of yesterday. I went grocery shopping. WoW. It wasn't terrible, but I was really glad to get it over with, and surprisingly Wal-Mart had everything on my list. I came home to a bustling house with children full of holiday cheer. They were literally bouncing off of the walls. Me...not so much after Wal-Mart. (church party, with the fake Ty so graciously pointed out)

(can I just mention that on the 23rd I sat in line for 1 hour and 20 minutes to see Santa at the mall. I vowed not to purchase pictures so it really WAS just to sit on his lap. I promised the kids and there was no way around it this year. REMINDER: next year take kids to see Santa at the mall 1st week of December. Also, there was a sign posted politely asking the patrons to not use their personal camera for photos, for the "professional" photos are what make it possible for Santa to make his appearance every year. Well I respected that rule and instead used my phone for what I though was a subtle shot, then my flash went off. It never goes off when I need it!)
(no pictures allowed with the mall Santa:D)
(The temp. was near 70)
Anyway, back to the day of the Eve. We decorated cookies with the Hartzells and Griffins. The men of these families, and my man, worked on a covert operation...let's call it Operation Checkin it Twice. They were successful...eventually. We came home to ready the abode for family company with a pot of steaming hot chocolate and warm home made soft pretzels. DELICIOUS I must say! We gathered to visit and observe the madness that was, well, pretty much the Tyler show. He was SOOOO excited. The children each got to open one present, Poppa read Twas' the Night Before Christmas and the family said their good nights and see you at 9am for breakfasts. The kids surrendered to their sleepiness easier than expected and were all fast asleep by 9:30pm.

We were up until 3 am....
7:15 am Tyler runs in and whispers about the surprises he thinks he has uncovered and then is gently ordered to Ryli's room for the holding portion of Christmas morning. Ya know, I like to turn on the tree lights, turn on Christmas music, put on a sweatshirt, make sure Santa has placed everything properly and then of course ready the camera. We also had to give Bubba a moment to orient himself with the time and day, etc.. The kids lined themselves up in the hall and waited for the go ahead...once received, the frenzy began.
They were very excited about almost all of it with one tiny exception. Cannon rejected his gifts wrapped in bags. He was only interested in the wrapping papered-present variety. He got over it after a while and decided the bagged presents would suffice when they were the last ones left to open. The family came, Sue-wee, Jeanie, Mom, Dad, Blake and Heather. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of burritos and potatoes. The company left and I was ready for a nap. After nap time I grabbed Ryli and met some friends for Desperaux, it was way cute. Shane and the boys stayed home for an extended nap time and we met at Sue-wee's later for more family time and the traditional Gumbo. It was yummy. We paid a late night visit to the Griffins and finally arrived home around 10pm.

And that was Christmas 2008 for the Sharp's. Couldn't have been better. No sick kids...which is unusual for our Christmas's.

The kids have settled in for a long winter's nap. Shane unloaded his Wii points on some vintage Nintendo games. He's playing Zelda. I have my toes tucked warmly under his leg. I think I might join the children in their quest for rest...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!(i caught this house whilst driving, I later found out that it stays lit like this year round)


Michelle said...

What a fun day. I can't believe you guys stayed up until 3:00 in the morning...that's crazy. You must have been exhausted. Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas:) Oh BTW...our Disneyland trip is tentatively March 7-12. Our plans are to drive down Saturday, go to Disneyland Sunday, Knotts Berry Farm Monday, Disneyland Tuesday, the beach and hang out Wednesday, and come home Thursday. Let me know what you are thinking.

Sayra said...

we saw that house with my in-laws, i wanted to go back and just stare at it but brent wouldn't do it..i guess if it is up all year i will have many chances.