Sunday, December 28, 2008

go ahead, ask me

Yeah, I made it myself. This only goes to show that anything is possible. I haven't always had such a close realtionship with bias tape. I picked up sewing in October when I was forced into saving the day for Cannon and making him Super Why for Halloween. The things we do for our kids, right??!!

Back to the Bias. I used it for a project early on and swore that I would never use it again. Here I am 2 months later making it yes I'm proud of my tape. I'll post pictures of the finished product when I'm, well, finished. It was easier than anitcipated, and way cute. I'm not afraid anymore!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa wuz here...

I'll start with the beginning of yesterday. I went grocery shopping. WoW. It wasn't terrible, but I was really glad to get it over with, and surprisingly Wal-Mart had everything on my list. I came home to a bustling house with children full of holiday cheer. They were literally bouncing off of the walls. Me...not so much after Wal-Mart. (church party, with the fake Ty so graciously pointed out)

(can I just mention that on the 23rd I sat in line for 1 hour and 20 minutes to see Santa at the mall. I vowed not to purchase pictures so it really WAS just to sit on his lap. I promised the kids and there was no way around it this year. REMINDER: next year take kids to see Santa at the mall 1st week of December. Also, there was a sign posted politely asking the patrons to not use their personal camera for photos, for the "professional" photos are what make it possible for Santa to make his appearance every year. Well I respected that rule and instead used my phone for what I though was a subtle shot, then my flash went off. It never goes off when I need it!)
(no pictures allowed with the mall Santa:D)
(The temp. was near 70)
Anyway, back to the day of the Eve. We decorated cookies with the Hartzells and Griffins. The men of these families, and my man, worked on a covert operation...let's call it Operation Checkin it Twice. They were successful...eventually. We came home to ready the abode for family company with a pot of steaming hot chocolate and warm home made soft pretzels. DELICIOUS I must say! We gathered to visit and observe the madness that was, well, pretty much the Tyler show. He was SOOOO excited. The children each got to open one present, Poppa read Twas' the Night Before Christmas and the family said their good nights and see you at 9am for breakfasts. The kids surrendered to their sleepiness easier than expected and were all fast asleep by 9:30pm.

We were up until 3 am....
7:15 am Tyler runs in and whispers about the surprises he thinks he has uncovered and then is gently ordered to Ryli's room for the holding portion of Christmas morning. Ya know, I like to turn on the tree lights, turn on Christmas music, put on a sweatshirt, make sure Santa has placed everything properly and then of course ready the camera. We also had to give Bubba a moment to orient himself with the time and day, etc.. The kids lined themselves up in the hall and waited for the go ahead...once received, the frenzy began.
They were very excited about almost all of it with one tiny exception. Cannon rejected his gifts wrapped in bags. He was only interested in the wrapping papered-present variety. He got over it after a while and decided the bagged presents would suffice when they were the last ones left to open. The family came, Sue-wee, Jeanie, Mom, Dad, Blake and Heather. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of burritos and potatoes. The company left and I was ready for a nap. After nap time I grabbed Ryli and met some friends for Desperaux, it was way cute. Shane and the boys stayed home for an extended nap time and we met at Sue-wee's later for more family time and the traditional Gumbo. It was yummy. We paid a late night visit to the Griffins and finally arrived home around 10pm.

And that was Christmas 2008 for the Sharp's. Couldn't have been better. No sick kids...which is unusual for our Christmas's.

The kids have settled in for a long winter's nap. Shane unloaded his Wii points on some vintage Nintendo games. He's playing Zelda. I have my toes tucked warmly under his leg. I think I might join the children in their quest for rest...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!(i caught this house whilst driving, I later found out that it stays lit like this year round)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a very BUBBA birthday

This is how we started our day at 5am,we have a tradition of doing this for the kids on their special day.
Cannon stumbled into our room around 7:30 groggy and he hadn't even noticed the 30 balloons at the end of his bed...oh well.
I carried him right back to his room to show him and he was very excited. Then we came out and pointed out his presents and Pooh balloon and that is how the birthday monster was created.
He opened his presents which consisted of Swiss Family Robinson (his favorite movie), Super Why books, a Leapster and a Spiderman scooter. For the rest of the day he called himself the birthday boy and no one was allowed to touch his presents without permission and it was quite restrictive at that.
The Party:
Cannon invited some VIP's and their families over for pizza, cake and ice cream. The adults had Southwestern Chicken Chili. The kids played hard and ate well. Cannon was REALLY excited about the green 3 cake dad fixed up for him. I baked and mixed and Shane got creative with the knife. Cannon was so excited about his cake in fact that he tried to eat the candles. We caught him hanging out in his chair just munching away on the wax:) After more presents were opened and everyone had gone home we put the birthday boy down for a nap, to which he rode his scooter off into the sunset (or into my bedroom) climbed up on my bed and went to sleep. No one was to ride his scooter while his eyes were closed.

The Christmas Party:
This is the night of our annual family Christmas party. Everyone comes into town. We eat fabulous food, visit, and the kids get to open more presents. We sang Happy Birthday to Cannon (we will celebrate his birthday with everyone after the holidays) and had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone. From there my super-supportive Shane took the kids home and put them to bed so I could go with the girls and see Twilight...again.

* * * * * * * *

Now that all of the events are over (all but Christmas of course) I can finally relax. Christmas will be easy...enjoyable. My assignments are complete and the stress is gone. Now I can celebrate the season and enjoy the down time with my family. Merry Christmas to all...

3 years ago...

this night...I was to be found sleepless at the idea of numero tres...and a looming cesarean. YIKES! I sure am glad we have this little guy...he is a very important addition to our us. Well worth the sleepless night of fear and anxiety...a thousand times over...(shane took Cannon to work for a few hours this week while I gave two school Christmas parties, this is what they did. photo quality courtesy of his blackberry)

Friday, December 12, 2008

it's the most busiest time of the year

do i REALLY have to sleep? sometimes i wish i could go without just for a week or two. okay i would settle for a weekend. i feel it my seasonal responsibility to over-commit every year. i never intend on letting things slip. i really do have the best of intentions...

today for example i was about 10 minutes late getting every where i needed to go. if only i had woken up 10 minutes earlier my entire day would've been right on?! i explained this to shane as i sped across town trying to keep with my only 10 minutes late rule to get to dinner when he so valiantly reminded me that i actually woke up 20 minutes late, so in all actuality i had somehow managed to make up 10 minutes...i love him. he is my hero.

we have a special day coming up. not Christmas, although super duper important, but a 3rd birthday of our family caboose. so on top of making this day (the 20th) the most special day of 2008 for bubba, i do still have to plan for Christmas. my plate feels really full and yet i have managed to park myself in front of a movie screen 4 times in the last 3 weeks to watch my vampire beauties. priorities ya know?

have i mentioned how much cannon loves playing with knights? or that every time he goes for a drink or a bite it MUST be in or on green? he LOVES green. he only wants to wear "soft" pants. he is my pickiest about what he wears. he is a sports ball fanatic and will chill with dad in front of a game any chance he gets. on the dad note, have i mentioned that he would prefer to climb in his dad's pocket and be with him ALL the time? shane was out changing the shocks on the car recently (what a man right?!) and cannon stayed out with him in the cold with his tools. tyler tried to lure him back inside several times to play and cannon vehemently refused to stray. he is very loyal. he has a really intense lisp, i'm starting to wonder if we need to start therapy. i'm sure i will miss it when he outgrows it. his life as a toddler has been so different than ty's was. weird to think about.

well, i can either go to sleep, or go work on the 15 art smocks that i'm making for ty's class for Christmas. or i could start the skirt for ry. or, or, or, or,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

begotten not forgotten

Ryli gave her first talk in Primary today. I was more nervous than she was. In fact, she wasn't nervous at all, instead bouncing with excitement. Of course it turned out great with the highlight being the quote from John 3:16 "for God so loved the world, that he gave his only forgotten Son" she exclaimed. How ever was I supposed to keep my composure? Then to look in the back and she Shane cracking up didn't help at all. There was definitely an awkward silence as I hid behind Ryli and giggled, it didn't phase her a bit. Being in the spotlight is second nature for her...WAY TO GO RY!(by the by I've spent the last week sweating over this dress. I found the pattern and loved it, then couldn't find fine wale red corduroy so I "bought it now" on ebay. Then had to figure out button holes on my machine - which actually turned out to be really fun. So here it is Ryli's first homemade Christmas dress...the best part about it is that it's finished and she loves it:I)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

a family affair...

We went downtown on Tuesday for family pictures (thanks Heather!). We were right smack in the middle of 5 o'clock traffic and I have to say I felt somewhat like a celebrity. I am really pleased with the outcome and despite the chilly winds this was probably our most successful (least whiny) family photo session yet!! Now to choose my favorites....oh the humanity!

Any feedback would be ever so helpful friends:)