Friday, November 21, 2008


I've only been anticipating this event for 8 months, I was pretty excited. I met Becca at the theater at 7pm to pick up my ticket and then was told we couldn't start waiting for the movie until 10pm. My bubble was somewhat burst but I killed the time and we came back at 9:15 and spent about 45 min waiting outside in the frosty winds. We finally got inside and raced (yes, ran fast) to our designated theater and we made it first! Once we were released into the actual theater we raced again to the upper middle seats and had almost the whole row reserved for our group. It was a lot fun. I even answered two trivia questions and got a movie poster and a hat. (don't know what I'm going to do with those now) I think the teenagers were a little embarrassed to be shown up by the crazy mom of 3.
I'm still stewing over the movie...not quite sure of my opinion at this point. I need to get together with the girls to talk some things out. Would I do it again....absolutely. I love indulging my inner child and hanging out with my friends. Count me in for New Moon.


Natalie said...

so, was it worth it??? I have not seen it yet, not getting my hopes up too much. Just because the movies are never as good as the books.
Let me know what you thought!

Shawn said...

VAMPIRE LOVE STORIES................BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH..............Hey Shane I need to paint the garage later, you wanna come back to Utah and we will watch the paint dry together!! I hate to say it but if that was a real vampire he would have sucked all her blood out in the first few pages of the first book..........HA HA HA!!!

Natalie said...

Hey Kristin....i am pretty sure this is my shawn, sounds like something he would say. We put carpet down in the garage and a heater and all the toys and a tv and the the kids have their own space. It works out great when their friends come over. I want to paint it white as well so it doesnt look so ghetto....I am dying to see the movie, i am hoping to see it this weekend with my sister in Idaho.
What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Christmas?