Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vader, Mulan, and Why 2008

Halloween lasted one whole week this year. Wow. We are still coming down from the high. When I say WE I mean I feel like I'm dragging my children through the mud back to some sort of "normal" routine and they are kicking and screaming the whole way. They don't even want to discuss bedtime much less put on their p.j.'s or brush their teeth.(which need a little extra attention this time of year) Ever Again. The early mornings are close to torture and lets not even talk about how daylight savings time has enhanced the fun.
Okay I know my kids had a great time so I'm glad it came...and now I'm glad it's gone.
Here are some highlights:the beforethe afterthe home made Super-Whytrunk or treatAcxiom's Pumpkin Paloozathe trick or treat crew: Mulan, SuperWhy, Batman, Darth Vader, Dragon Bram


Natalie said...

So cute!!!! I am glad you had a great time.

Michelle said...

Cute costumes. Your pumpkins look amazing!! I keep checking flights and keep having no luck:( Oh well...I'll keep trying.