Monday, October 6, 2008

the fruit of HIS loins

a little humble bragging for my pleasure...i get irritated with the mom's who brag about their child's' intelligence as much as the next guy, but this is my blog and for the sake of journaling i must confess!
(so if you would like to be spared the maternal boasting abandon post here:)

i have spent a few moments in the past resenting the generous size of my kids heads but today i have been enlightened. my children got all of their brains from their daddy. we had parent-teacher conferences and although ty should have had a few last year they weren't substantial enough to be considered official. so today was a first for us. we were confirmed in something we've known all along, our kids are smart. they have both tested in math and reading and have exceeded the average national level (which isn't saying a whole lot) but still.

ty is reading on a 3rd grade level and working math on a 2nd grade level. he is one of three in a 3 musketeers group with timothy and devan (pronounced daven) as the partners in crime. he has gotten into trouble for playing in the bathroom and writing on his desk (two 0f the big ones) and seems to have a problem keeping his hands to himself. we have frequent conversations about the last one. his flavors of the year are bakugan, pokemon and ben-10. he also has a problem with trying to sneak toys in his pockets before heading off to school and had been caught for that as well. in general he has a great love for books, learning, socializing, rough playing, recess and even a structured schedule (it would cramp his style to ever admit that).

ryli is reading and working math on a 1st grade level but more impressive than that is that she is loved by everyone that knows could you not. she has not a ill-intentioned hair on her head, speaking of hair she recently gave herself bangs. naturally she is the teachers pet and ms. stuart even left the room one day for a minute and came back in to find ry standing on a chair counting out loud at the other kids because they were being to loud. she has already started her christmas list which is interesting not because she is starting so early but because everything on her list is spelled phonetically. her good friends include lucy, maddy, miranda and caroline. her favorite things to do are dance, gymnastics, "art" projects and treat everything and everyone who will let her as if they are her very own baby. she is a soft spoken leader and has the most contagious giggle. i think we'll keep her.

although cannon has no tests to speak of he is a crack up. lately his obsessions have been swiss family robinson (not sure where that came from) and pocahontas. he always has to have his sword for the "savages" song so he can pretend to be a native american. i'm glad that he is so fond of his native american heritage. i think he might be warming up to the idea that he has to socialize outside of the circle of trust with his weekly trips to gymboree to assist me in the pre-school program. he would tell you his best friends are his daddy, bram, jonas, and henry. when he doesn't want to eat anymore dinner he has been known to run away as fast as his little legs will take him and do what we call "the bourne roll" under his bed thinking that we don't know his little tricks or his favorite hiding spot. it's actually pretty funny to sit and watch him think he is getting away with something. i have finally gotten around to getting his immunizations started...yes he is almost 3. it has been terrible, i really should've started them at 12 months when i wanted to. i like to think of it as divine intervention not procrastination.

with that i would like to wrap up my bragging post. i promise to give it at least another full 9 weeks until the next parent-teacher conference to do this all over again...HA! my kids are the bomb!!!

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Natalie said...

I love it! There is nothing wrong with bragging about your long as it does not take over every conversation.(i am sure you know some moms like that, i know i do)

i know why logan & Ty were such good friends, those stats are almost identical to logans. This makes me miss you guys even more!
Your kids are beautiful!