Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ty-zart and the cupcakes

ty started piano lessons today. he loved it! he showed me what he learned and seems pretty confident for being the new guy. ryli has chosen to take violin lessons and of course dance. she starts dance on monday and violin at the beginning of october. i suppose ty will want to take something else as well...probably karate. (the adorable becca as his coach)
on the way to piano we had a few minutes so we stopped by this charming little cupcake shop in the heights. ty got a chocolate sans frosting, ry a vanilla with buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles, bubba a vanilla with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles and me a white tie affair, ghirardelli chocolate with buttercream frosting and of course chocolate sprinkles. Divine...a little piece of heaven right here in little rock i tell you!
my sweets with the sweets


Sarah said...


Natalie said...

Yum! That makes me hungry!
I hope Ty loves piano in a month or two, Logan started this summer and his teacher said he was a "natural". I of course knew this being his mom, but a month ago he was done....mostly my fault being so occupied with other things. We quit, for the time being, and hoping to find the love for piano when we move and things settle down.
I love the violin!!!!!
Your kids are so sweet and every time I check your blog my kids have to see your pix and talk about how fun your kiddos were to play with.
I am so glad to hear how happy and fantastic you guys are doing..how is shanes' job and yours going?

Rustiroo said...

Those cupcakes look like will melt in your mouth!