Monday, September 8, 2008


tyler: "since my teeth on top in the front are so big do you think I will lose them first?"

cannon: "will i get bigga and stwonga if I eat lots of chips for dinna?"

ryli: "does the letter s sometimes make a z sound?...what about is?"
(she has just recently started reading)
all three: "are we there yet?"

me: "did i really go bodysurfing topless as per my mysterious facebook status?"

of course not, it was a family vacation. i have two sneaky friends who were making the most out of an accidental spillage...:)

me: "was my controversial fantasy first draft pick validated yesterday?"

ummm, i think so...who needs mr.brady?? all of my other picks did pretty well too...
gooooooo my friend fox

me: "will we be going back to the beach in february?"

most def!


Michelle said...

Glad your back...can't wait to see some pictures. Oh yea..what's up with your boy Ocho Cinco?!

Natalie said...

I am so jealous!! It looks like you had a blast in Florida....i am so happy you were able to experience that! Fun pictures as well...your kids are beautiful!