Wednesday, September 3, 2008

flo-Rida: day 4

Today was fantastically relaxing and enjoyable. Aside from the fact that the children woke up at 6:30am the day was quite peaceful. I was able to get an early morning nap after Shane's early morning nap, then we went swimming in the pool...the red flags were still flying so the beach was not an option. (we did contemplate it but in the end decided it might be a little irresponsible) We went to Seaside for lunch and ate at a little patio grill spot. The streets were lined with quaint little shops and cafes but our favorite was a divine little store called Sun Dog Books. We felt very much at home in this little shop and it was filled with all kinds of great reads, pretty papers, journals, crafty cards and even a fully stocked music selection on the second floor. We came back to the house for more swimming, an early dinner, and an early bedtime. Billy and Becca got to dine at Cafe Tango on some special yumminess - Baked Brie and warm fruit compote, etc...they even brought us home a sample to say thanks for babysitting.(more like baby listening, they put their kids to sleep before they left) We stayed up late playing games and indian leg wrestling...

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