Monday, September 1, 2008

flo-Rida: day 3

We spent the entire day swimming yesterday. We started out at 7am walking to the beach. The intention was just to explore but as anyone can probably imagine the kids all ended up in the water, I ended up a little wet myself. We saw a washed up jellyfish which was really cool, found some seashells, and went back after about an hour. We swam in the pool and layed out until 12:30pm. Had a huge lunch and then went to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. We had SO much fun! The water was great, a little rough because of the storm, but good enough to do some body surfing and lots of running and splashing. Tyler hung with me in the the whole time in the water and Ryli and Cannon perferred the sand. They built lots of castles, looked for crabs, caught a couple, and got their feet wet a few times. We saw dolphins swimming off of the coast too! We came back for a dip in the heated pool then around 5:30 showered had a bite to eat and got ready for bed. It was an early evening but we were absolutely exhausted. The sun came out a few times, despite the clouds we all got a little sunburn.
Today I woke up curious about Gustav only to find a partly cloudy sky with lots of winds. We walked down to the beach to check out the waves and the rise was all the way to the fence which was about 30 feet higher than it was yesterday. Pretty crazy. The break looked so agressive and of course the red flags were flying so swimming was off limits. Haven't seen any crazy rain or clouds yet and the hurricane has made landfall in Louisiana, hmmmm, are we in the clear?The girls and I left for Panama City for some lunch and shopping and then went to Destin for the outlets and grocery shopping. We didn't at any point see a drop of rain or anything indicative of the big hurricane prediction. Very nice!

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