Saturday, August 2, 2008

breaking 30th year begins

Well I'm 29. Not-so cool, I would rather be 28 or 31, or even 30. The anticipation of the 30's threshold is a little melancholy for me. I do however feel like this year will be one of our best. It's important to stay positive...right?
To help me feel not as melancholy, I asked Stephanie Meyer to release the last of the Twilight phenom saga as close to my birthday as possible. She agreed. And so, the Breaking Dawn party was planned, executed and a success, if I do say so myself:)

I am such a lucky girl to have such a fab husband, great kids, and amazing friends. Shane took me out for a surprise yummy dinner at Brave New Restaurant and a little shopping. We got home around 9pm, got the kiddos tucked in, and people started showing up around 10pm. It was so much fun!Holly and Kristen brought me a delish cheesecake (my fave) and I was surrounded by most of my favorite people. (those missing you know who you are:) Some spouses came along to keep poor Shane company, I made them serenade me with the birthday song for a piece of my cake. You bet I did!Around midnight we went to Barnes and Noble for the release of Breaking Dawn. We had so much fun being crazy girls, and I turned 29 with a bang. Life is good my friends...(p.s. thank you to stephanie meyer for the coincidental plan, it was perfect)

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