Tuesday, August 26, 2008

black beans and lessons

(yesterday morning)
the kids started school over a month ago. so far things are going well...well. the adjustment of getting up early and going to bed early is never fun for anyone and it seems like every Sunday night we have to start all over. yesterday was no exception, it took Ryli about 15 minutes of pleading to get out of bed. she finally did, but her day did not end so happy.

(on the way home)
you know when you pick the kids up from school and you go through all of the same questions, How was your day? What did you learn? Did you eat all of your lunch? What friends did you play with? (and for Ty) Did you get in trouble for playing in the bathroom?...anyway, after asking all of these redundant questions I got all of the same redundant answers.

(at home)
Ryli came wanted a snack when she got home from school. the rule for a snack is as follows: if you ate all of your lunch at school of course you can have a snack. well she didn't so she couldn't. so for the next 30 minutes she whined about unfairness and injustice and hating lunch. she finally ate the rest of her sandwich.

the kids are chasing each other, Tyler slips and pushes Ryli. she falls and hits her head on the baseboard and gets a big goose egg. she screams bloody murder for a while, i give her some ice and a drink of water and she calms down.

(cooking dinner)
i start preparing some black beans and rice (ry and cannon's fave). Ryli asks to help. so i scoop her up on the counter. she pours and mixes and stirs...and explains. she starts, "mom there was a really mean girl at recess who tried to SNATCH the chalk away from me." of course i need more information "what happened Ry?", "well I was playing with the chalk first and this mean girl came and took it from me, then the teacher came and told me to give it to her, and then she kicked me!" her chin starts quivering and the flood gates open...poor girl.

immediately I want to go and fight this mean chalk-stealing girl and her teacher! but I remembered the lesson that I taught on Sunday about being a good example and letting your light shine. i gently reminded her of these words gave her a great big hug and told her i was sorry that she had had such a bad day and how good she was at making black beans and rice...

if you ask the same standard questions everyday you will get the same standard answers. i suppose they do get old. however if you get some assistance with preparing dinner you might find out what really happens at school...


kaye said...

Kristin...you are wise beyond your years. You are such a great mom for your sweet babies!!!

kaye said...

Kristin...you are wise beyond your years. You are such a great mom for your sweet babies!!!

Teriney said...

do you need me to call in a favor? j/k

The Beaumonts said...

OH! My poor Ry. That makes me so sad but way to be an example bc i think i would have stuck to my your first thought...