Monday, July 28, 2008

a throwback, and shout-out

I have a good friend named Becca, her husband is Billy. Billy was given the opportunity to do a fellowship in India this summer. Becca decided to join him after completion for a little Indian adventure. They were supposed to be back in the states one week ago. Then something happened to Becca's digestive system. She got really sick. Parasite?...we don't know. She was sick on the airplane from Delhi to Brussels where they stopped for a plane change. The mean people (or life-saving people) in Brussels would not let her on the plane to Chicago. She was that sick. She was then admitted to a local hospital, where they boast Ikea-equipped rooms (per Billy), and were told to get comfy, it would be awhile. (except Billy, he wasn't allowed to stay) Lots of IV fluids and antibiotics later and I hear she's doing better. She has finally stopped dry-heaving. Billy says she is in good hands. Hopefully she is out of the hospital by now and either on her way back to the states or already here.
Get well soon Bec...

P.S. If you are ever in Vilvoorde Belgium and in need of medical care you should hit up Az Jan Portaels. I hear the rooms are pretty nice.


Rob and Mel Glade said...

I'm really glad that you know what happened and were able to update us. I've been wondering ever since I saw a post on Billy's Facebook profile like a week ago, but nobody knew anything.

becca said...

I feel like a famous person! I can't believe you dedicated a whole blog entry to me! Can't wait to get back and hang out with you again... hopefully, by Aug. 12th I'll be Larry's Pizza ready. Do you want to know something? After my kidneys really started working again, I lost 14 pounds in two days. Who knew that's all my weight loss routine needed? Functioning kidneys?! But, I'm sure a few trips to Larry's and a couple of bbq's at your place will help restore the lost poundage. :)