Monday, July 21, 2008

mission accomplished...

behold...a homemade kindergarten nap mat armament of school in bed at a decent awake at an hour they probably haven't seen since infancy (6:30am)the requested (well-balanced) breakfasta very quiet ride to school the entrance of e-STEM, traffic not so bad, lots of people welcoming the students and teachers...also news cameras and what looked like protest signs but only positive messages for the new school:)Ms. Meigs, Ty's 1st Grade Teacher (mom doing a last minute tuck job)Mrs. Stuart, Ryli's Kindergarten TeacherWell, I have to say that I'm really impressed with the school so far, though we are only 2 hours into it. Cannon seems content, the kids were excited, and I am listening to quiet with a lump in my throat...good luck Ty & Ry


Natalie said...

Are you kidding me?????
You started school?
This must be year-round, maybe?

Cutest post....i will have to remember this on my boys first day of school this year.
Are they going to a charter school?
They both look so dang cute!
Miss you terribly!

Emilee said...

man, they look so grown up! esp ryli. so darling. i hope i'm as organized and cute as you are when cb has his first day of school someday!

{irene} said...

Your kids are looking good girl!///the look so cute!...and I love that mat cover you did!!! are so crafty...:)

Michelle said...

I can't believe that Ry is in kindergarten today!!! I remember when we first met you guys and Ryli was only 8 months or so. Where has the time gone?! Tyler looks so grown up. I love the nap mat you made. How did you get so creative? Miss you guys so much. Good luck Tyler and Ryli!!!!

Sarah said...

Back in School already!! I can't believe that Ry is in School! Cute Mat. Uniforms?? Need I say more.