Wednesday, July 23, 2008

goodbye summer vacation, hello schedule:(

So here are some highlights from this summer...Cannon followed Shane everywhere, from the camping clean-up effort, to changing clothes to match his daddy. He wants to be with Shane ALL of the time. He even cries most days because he wants to go to work with him. It's alright to come in a not-so close's actually really sweet...
We visited the Lorikeets at the zoo and were able to feed them some nectar. We also got pooped on...
We went to the Wonder Place, which is a lot of fun and very over-priced, but the kids loved it. I almost got in a fight with a woman in gold stilettos who wasn't very nice to Ty...what can I say I'm a mama bear. I think Sayra would've liked to have seen the fight:)
We discovered the new Riverfront Park, we're big fans.
This is Ty and Ry opting to join Cannon for a time-out...Cannon looks pleased.
this is what happens when you use a blackberry to take get funky borders

and this is the kids showing Joe how it's done


Sarah said...

looks like a Fun Summer, I am not sure why they end it so soon. Are you in year round school?

Michelle said...

I love the picture of the kids in time out. You gotta love the sibling unity:)

Urry Family said...

Looks like fun, our Summer is about to come to an end too. School starts officially in about a week. I saw the pics of Ryli and I am already getting teary sending my first off to school. How did she do?

Admiral Joe said...

it looks as though the kids got me stuck up there.

Natalie said...

Cute pictures!
It looks like you have tonz of fun things to do around there.
I want to come visit!
How sad about your friend!
That would be scary!

Rustiroo said...

I love the last picture where they are "showing Joe how it's done". lol too cute