Monday, July 28, 2008

a throwback, and shout-out

I have a good friend named Becca, her husband is Billy. Billy was given the opportunity to do a fellowship in India this summer. Becca decided to join him after completion for a little Indian adventure. They were supposed to be back in the states one week ago. Then something happened to Becca's digestive system. She got really sick. Parasite?...we don't know. She was sick on the airplane from Delhi to Brussels where they stopped for a plane change. The mean people (or life-saving people) in Brussels would not let her on the plane to Chicago. She was that sick. She was then admitted to a local hospital, where they boast Ikea-equipped rooms (per Billy), and were told to get comfy, it would be awhile. (except Billy, he wasn't allowed to stay) Lots of IV fluids and antibiotics later and I hear she's doing better. She has finally stopped dry-heaving. Billy says she is in good hands. Hopefully she is out of the hospital by now and either on her way back to the states or already here.
Get well soon Bec...

P.S. If you are ever in Vilvoorde Belgium and in need of medical care you should hit up Az Jan Portaels. I hear the rooms are pretty nice.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

goodbye summer vacation, hello schedule:(

So here are some highlights from this summer...Cannon followed Shane everywhere, from the camping clean-up effort, to changing clothes to match his daddy. He wants to be with Shane ALL of the time. He even cries most days because he wants to go to work with him. It's alright to come in a not-so close's actually really sweet...
We visited the Lorikeets at the zoo and were able to feed them some nectar. We also got pooped on...
We went to the Wonder Place, which is a lot of fun and very over-priced, but the kids loved it. I almost got in a fight with a woman in gold stilettos who wasn't very nice to Ty...what can I say I'm a mama bear. I think Sayra would've liked to have seen the fight:)
We discovered the new Riverfront Park, we're big fans.
This is Ty and Ry opting to join Cannon for a time-out...Cannon looks pleased.
this is what happens when you use a blackberry to take get funky borders

and this is the kids showing Joe how it's done

Monday, July 21, 2008

mission accomplished...

behold...a homemade kindergarten nap mat armament of school in bed at a decent awake at an hour they probably haven't seen since infancy (6:30am)the requested (well-balanced) breakfasta very quiet ride to school the entrance of e-STEM, traffic not so bad, lots of people welcoming the students and teachers...also news cameras and what looked like protest signs but only positive messages for the new school:)Ms. Meigs, Ty's 1st Grade Teacher (mom doing a last minute tuck job)Mrs. Stuart, Ryli's Kindergarten TeacherWell, I have to say that I'm really impressed with the school so far, though we are only 2 hours into it. Cannon seems content, the kids were excited, and I am listening to quiet with a lump in my throat...good luck Ty & Ry

Friday, July 11, 2008

they aren't bruises I promise

What is this you ask?
This is what happens when Ty finds a small green rubber stamp...he turns into the Hulk. Then just before bed he fades to a slightly lighter shade of green (thanks to baby wipes) and falls into a peaceful sleep...
Now he just looks like he is covered in bruises.

After the "green" discovery he explained that this is a great way to turn into the Incredible Hulk. Well of course it is. After retrieving the stamp (from under his bed where he hid it) I just told him to ask permission next time.
He reminds me of his dad.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

modern guilt is groovy

...has anyone else experienced the new beck album? i love it...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th festivities

We rang in the Independence with yet another late night of Rockin the Band, we also dismissed Becca to Washington for a long while:(
Due to the late night, we slept in and mostly missed the pancake breakfast at the church. (pretty bummed) We arrived just as clean up was finishing. We decided to go see a movie then reported to the Crandall's for a BBQ. We had fun visiting with friends there, we then decided to fight the crowds at the River Front Park to watch fireworks with friends.
chillin at the crandalls
charlie and his droolbram, cannon's bud
Some highlights: parking on the sidewalk (everyone else did it), Shane not standing to be recognized as a veteran, Ty whining the ENTIRE time about wanting a glowing thing, the beautiful live orchestra to soundtrack the fireworks, wonderful friends, no mosquito's, breezy weather, oh and last but not least that sweet little patriotic feeling you get when you ponder the true meaning of the holiday. We had a really good time!
the sidewalk park jobusmore troubleryli sneaks a stolen cookiea surrogate baby brotherand ryli's surrogate little sister, also ty's arranged wife hazie

Thursday, July 3, 2008

look training wheels!

Shane has been teaching Ty to ride his bike without training wheels, last night he took off by himself for the first time. He is doing great and his confidence is really growing. What a fun journey, this parenting thing...