Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ryli's night

Ryli had her recital on Friday. It was a great night, here are some pictures:
Mr. Joel and the girls, Mr. Joel owns the dance studio, I took from him when I was little!

The girls and Mr. Ben their teacher, he is an amazing tap dancer. He did a solo in the recital in a tux with no music, it was fantastic! Ryli really loves him.

Right after intermission we were able to go get Ry and bring her out to watch the other performances, her Daddy gave her flowers. She was so excited, she carried them around like a trophy all night!

We were all so proud of her!

What can I say...she is an amazing daughter. I went to the dressing room to pick her up and I found her standing in front of the mirror spraying her hair with more hair spray, she asked when her next recital was. I loved it:)


Michelle said...

Oh my...i would have loved to see Ry spraying her hair with hairspray. She's too much:) Congratulations Ryli!!

Sarah said...

What a DOLL!! WE LOVE YOU RY! Congrats on your first of many to come,

kaye said...

What a beautiful girl!! I love the pictures and updates! I love you all so much!!