Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ahhh kingsbridge, a random critique

I just finished reading The Pillars Of the Earth by Ken Follett. I have to say I am quite inspired to learn more of something I never thought I would...the Middle Ages. So my critique is as follows: beautiful love story, fascinating setting, aside from a few explicit words and scenes (not recommended for the conservative reader) the length of the book was hardly noticeable. That is, all 973 pages. Yes, it's the longest book I've ever read (patting myself on the back). It took me a whole month to read, the first two weeks I waded through the first 200 hundred pages but the last 773 pages went by fairly quick and were fantastic!
So if you're looking for a good entertaining read and 12th century England/religious scandal sounds interesting give it a try. (but you didn't hear it from me...)


{irene} said...

I think I'll give it a try!..Thanks!

Sarah said...

SO, yes I have blushed a few times...However I think I like the story so far. He just found the baby...Shhhhh!