Sunday, June 1, 2008

he wears a "G"

I've decided to forgo the usage of the landfill enemy - disposable diapers. Cannon is now a G-boy and very excited about it I have to say! He calls them his panties...FABULOUS! He prefers the orange g to the cream colored g, we need to order a few more colors so the kid can start coordinating his outfits appropriately, don't ya think? They are absolutely adorable on an already so adorable little tush!!

*Plug* -we have had a great experience so far and I would highly recommend G diapers to anyone interested, one of my favorite benefits is the instant removal of the DIRTY diaper by a flush of the potty! No more stinky garbage cans! find out more here

*Plug #2* - the starter packs were on sale at Whole Foods from $25 down to $16...maybe they still are:)


Emilee said...

we're so happy you joined the fabulous club! they just came out w fab new cover colors. you have to check them out. and you should become a gmum like me. you'd be great at it!

Michelle said...

I've never heard of those before...I might just have to check them out.

Natalie said...

What the hay?????
I have never heard of these...please enlighten me!
I am so glad you have awesome friends! They sound great!!

Natalie said...

ooo...I am intrigued!