Thursday, May 29, 2008

Balmy Camping - Luvin' Lake Sylvia

We decided to hit the beautiful woods in AR for the last camping weekend of the season, although I think we might have been a week late! We arrived at the site around 5pm last Friday and planned to stay through lunch the next day. Needless to say we rounded up the fam and headed out around 11am on Saturday because of the "thickness" of the air. We had so much fun with the 6 other families that came along, the Hartzell's, Walker's, Griffin's, Jacob Tobler's, Joe Tobler's, & the Glade's including Chasqui the hungry Greyhound. Poor Chasqui was sick for 2 days because not only did he get some bacon, but he ate the paper towels that were covered in bacon grease:(!

We also had a visit from a rather large baby trantula, a symphony of babies singing at around 4am, a shower that ran all night long, and some crazy discussion after the little ones went to bed! Not to mention some fabulous s'mores, and a great breakfast! I love camping with my family and friends and can't wait to hit more great spots in the fall!
poor poor Henry, he didn't enjoy sleeping in a tentour mascot Chas
the super scary looking visitor we had around 1am, harmless right?!

a yummy breakfast of pancakes, sausage and potatoes, and breakfast burritos s'more anyone?i love all of the green

my boys, my loves

Monday, May 19, 2008

A night for Holly...

Holly celebrated her 29th Birthday on Saturday. I decided to get a bunch of friends together for some good food and Rock Band;)! We had a really good time, and it turns out this gi-normous house is perfect for entertaining! The kids had a blast too! Here are some highlights:
(l to r: Kristin, Kristin, Sayra, Holly, Pam, Becca, Emilee & Mel)

Rockin out to...I don't remember. But most important is Sayra's T-shirt, she had spent the last 24 hours doing Relay For Life and was the Captain of team Marching Mormons! They raised a ton of money for cancer research and did a little missionary work too! She was a trooper for even showing up, all for the love of Holly!

Here is the best part of this post...make sure to pause my playlist to hear Shane sing Creep!

Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello 1st Grade!

Tyler graduated from Kindergarten on Saturday May 17th. I hadn't spent much time thinking about the symbolism of this event but it hit me as soon as his teacher got up to speak. I can't believe that my first born has hit yet another major milestone! His teacher Ms. Savoy awarded each child there own "title" and Tyler got the Reading Wiz award. She said that he read almost better than she did and that if he ever had any free time Ty would be found with his nose in a book. Like father like son:)!

I am so proud of him, he is growing up so fast! After the ceremony we went to the Falcon's Nest for some cake and lemonade. I had to include a picture of the cake. They got it done at Wal-mart and they spelled Kindergarten as Kintergarden. I think they tried to fix it with a toothpick but it was still quite obvious to me!

Tyler chose to go to lunch at Larry's, our new favorite pizza spot! Then we headed home to get ready for company Saturday night.

Ryli loses 8 inches!

Ryli finally gave in to motherly pressure and decided to go short. When she agreed I actually felt a little guilty. I asked her several times over the course of a week if she was sure and she kept reassuring me! before
Results: She absolutely loves it, as do I! She has gotten lots of attention for it, and what little girl doesn't love that!

**I have to give all of the credit to Lennon, her hair is what finally convinced Ry!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a Trophy, a Trifle and Rock Band...

So our Saturday consisted of the Soccer Slam. Ty had 3 games to play to end the season and receive his trophy. He did really well in the games and definitely favors the defensive side of the ball! It was fun to see him really get involved and improve over the last two seasons. Shane was an amazing coach and I hope he will do it again next season. Of course Sunday was Mother's Day and I prepared a dessert. A lovely trifle if I do say so myself. There isn't much skill involved in building one, but it is pretty and it was delicious! It consisted of yellow cake, white chocolate pudding, whip cream and strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. YUM! The flowers in the pictures were picked from our front yard by my sweet babies!Friday night Shane took the boys to get me a surprise for Mothers Day. Afterward we met some friends for pizza and as we were walking out to the car and Tyler said, "mom we got you the coolest game for Mothers Day but I'm not telling you what it is!" Well of course the only "game" that I have really asked for is Rock Band. Sure enough that was it! Needless to say that I got my present early but didn't open it until Sunday. I would like to say it was because I am so disciplined, but really I was just exhausted from the trip and getting back to normal that I didn't have time or energy until Sunday. We have loved playing it and have to PEEL ourselves away from it to feed and care for our children. I have to say it has helped keep my mind off of the Edward and Bella it August yet?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Warning: Vaycay-Picture Overload!!

A whole lotta pictures of our REALLY long trip to the west! Here we go, in chronological order (of course)-

We flew to Phoenix, sat in traffic for 2 hours and finally got to Vegas around 8pm on April 22nd! Here are some shots from the road:

Here are some pictures of the kiddos at this really neat play area at a NEW shopping center in Vegas called Town Square! The play area was awesome and the shopping even better! Here was my first H&M experience, (I think it qualifies as an experience:))

Yes, this is my 6 year old in Dax's bouncy proud!!

Little Dax, he has killer eyes, I miss him!

After 3 days in Vegas, we were off to Pleasant Grove, UT! All of the Sharp's came down for a BBQ. I think there was something like 25 people at Eric and Sarah's! You guys are tha bomb!! Here is an over-abundance of princess cousin pictures. They were all so cute so I had to post them all. These are Nate's girls Linzy and Kayli!

Some shots of the BBQ!

Okay, I know I'm biased, but this kids has the most beautiful eyes, he gets those from his Dad.

The boys doin' their man thang at the grill, don't be fooled, Shane was only out there for about 5 minutes, it was really cold for us southerners! Then we were off to Wyoming to hang with Nate and crew. We went down to the river for a walk one of the days.

I'm even more proud of this one than I am of Tyler in the bouncy seat!!

Apparently this is where we stopped taking pictures completely, we drove all the way back through SLC, Vegas, then down to Phoenix without taking anymore pictures;(!

We are so glad to be home, but miss everyone so much! We had a blast, thanks to everyone who put up with us for the time that you did! We are not an easy bunch but we have lots of LOVE!