Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Move # hmmmm....10

Well it's official, we are planning our 10th move. We were able to get everything out of our storage unit last night, thanks to the Edgar's, no thanks to the rain. We are crammed in our little apartment for the next 12 days. The move date is the 12th of April but we will start making small trips in about a week.

This all came about through the work of our Bishop, and the Lord. We are so blessed with this opportunity, it's hard to put into words the humility that comes with it (I certainly don't feel worthy). We have a wonderful family in the ward that has moved to Paris for the next year or so for work. They have an older son who will be deploying to Iraq and they decided to find a family to fill their home so it didn't sit empty. This isn't just any old house, it's big and beautiful and we will probably use less than half of it. This isn't just any old family either, they are incredibly gracious and they keep thanking us as if we are doing them some sort of favor.

I'll post pictures as soon as things are settled, I'm sure we will be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks and then we will be off to the West.

Here's to a garage and a backyard....Nate we'll miss you for this one!


Emilee said...

Congrats on the official move date. Let us know when and how we can help!

Nate said...

You know me, say the word (and send a plane ticket) and I'm there!

Michelle said...

Sooo exciting...not neccessarily the move, but the house. I think ten moves must be some kind of record. You definetly have us beat:) Can't wait to see some photos and really can't wait to see you guys in person!!! It has been WAY too long.

Amy said...

Seriously drop off the kids any time next week so you can do things faster. We would love it.