Sunday, April 20, 2008

a lizard named DRAGON

Today after church Shane was unloading the car and noticed a curious little fellow lingering in the garage. I was inside getting lunch ready when I heard Shane open the door and yell, "Tyler come here quick!" I immediately think snake (ewwww), so I yelled back wait what is it? We all went outside to meet our new little green friend named Dragon. Isn't he sweet!

After lots of petting and holding and more petting we decided to leave him to a warm rock in the front yard. The kids were very sad that we couldn't keep him but after the whole lizards belong to nature talk they decided to say their there a chance that hamsters belong to nature also???? I don't think the kids would buy it for a second!


Sarah said...

I LOVE lizards! How about those Hampsters? I think I may regret "linny" once all the excitement wears off.

becca said...

hey kristin- i'm not sure if you are checking on your blog, since you are on vacation. but, lucy was really sad to go to gymboree on tuesday, knowing ryli wouldn't be there. i am missing having a savers friend. we went today and i found a SUPER cute shirt (just ryli's size) for 99 cents! i just couldn't pass it up. it will be waiting for you guys when you get back. hope your having a great time!

Kristin said...

becca-blogging is part of the vacation! we walked past a store named lucy today and ryli thought she might be in there, she misses her a bunch too! she wore the striped dress today and looked fab! you are the sewing master!

p.s. - we're going to have to talk about the mushroom surprise you snuck in my bag...i'm getting lots of compliments on it!!