Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I decided to clean out my PIX folder on my phone today, read the notes for explanations. Some of these are pretty old.

P.S. I have Shane's hand me down as a phone right now so some of these I didn't even take...

All for the love of e-journaling!
Sleepy boy, snow day 3/7/2008

Our soon-to-be-not-so humble abode
(more to come on that)Chrismas Parade in Downtown Little Rock 12/15/2007Christmas ParadeFestival of Lights Downtown Little Rock 12/15/2007Festival of Lights, Capitol Hill, this event was really cool, they served hot chocolate and cookies and the weather was cold but nice for December. The kids loved it and the Capitol was so beautiful! I wish I could've gotten a better shot with the flag, not to bad for a phone camera I must say though!Tyler riding Comanche at Mac's 6th Birthday party 11/14/2007.


{irene} said...

So you guys are moving into that amazing house!!!!..Woho!!!..It's so nice inside!!!..Mike and I were invited there one time for dinner and we loved it!!!

Emilee said...

You can check into the frugal websites and how about you give me the websites for those sweet little boy clothes? i'll work it into our new budget. :)