Sunday, March 16, 2008


I heard Ryli singing in living room yesterday while I was doing some kids closet organizing. I asked her to come see me and when she did I asked her to sing to me while I went through clothes. She said, "Well mom, I was singing to Serafina (her hamster) because she is all by herself without any friends." I told her okay she better go finish singing to Serafina then.

We were in the car yesterday on our way to get a new hamster cage (see explanation below) and she had given Cannon her Snow White doll to ride with. She looked over and here is what we heard from the back seat in a very quiet voice "ohhhh, look how cute he looks taking a nap with Snow White for the very first time." She was talking to herself.

Today she gave the closing prayer in her primary class and she asked for a blessing that everyone would have soft, cuddly beds to sleep in and soft, cuddly pillows to sleep on.
Just a few of the many reasons that I love my little Ry.

(Hamster explanation: I went to clean out the cage yesterday and noticed that poor Serafina was missing the fur on her back side. There were also some scratches so we decided we needed to separate them. We went to PetsMart and found the coolest hamster cage ever!! We also found a 7-week old Chihuahua that we all REALLY wanted to adopt, but Shane said a big fat NO! Ryli is still talking about the puppy she wanted to bring home...)


Sarah said...

I Love Ryli! I miss her sweetness!

{irene} said...

She is so cute!...and I love how you always dress her so good!!!..She looks like she could be in a kids magazine!!!

Natalie said...

I love Ry. I want to live in that hampster cage. Alone. My day has been that good. Sorry about the dog.