Friday, March 28, 2008

Luigi Carson Sharp

Tyler is on a HUGE Super Mario Galaxy trip right now. Even when he isn't playing it on the Wii, he is pretending that he is in the game as either Mario or Luigi. He announced to us yesterday that he would like to change his name to Luigi. Why Luigi you ask? Apparently because his favorite color is green. He has said that he wants to be Luigi for Halloween and would I please find a costume for him now. Also would I please look for some toys of Mario on ebay...they do actually make them I've learned...

It's quite imaginative, he also gets all of his friends (and brother and sister) involved.

He also told me that he wanted to try school next year. For those of you who don't know we have been contemplating homeschool for the last month or so. He went through a phase when he didn't want to go to school at all (it was more than just not wanting to get up in the morning). After much concern and prayer we decided I would homeschool this next year. I really don't feel qualified, but I will do what it takes for my children to be happy and successful as any mom would. Anyway, he said he wanted to try school next year and I figure we'll give it a shot, if he doesn't like it I'll pull him out. I don't want to keep him home if it isn't where he wants to be....after all, this was motivated by him not wanting to go in the first place.

He and Ryli were recently accepted to a new charter school downtown called e-Stem. The school looks very interesting and the education part seems great but the hours and year are long. We'll see....

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