Friday, March 21, 2008


First and foremost Cannon pooped on the potty today!!!! Without any hesitation he was standing next to me and said, "I need to poop" and I said well do you want to try your potty? He was very excited when I brought his potty out to the living room and he sat down right away. After about 3 minutes of sitting he produced!! He jumped up and said "LOOK MOMMY!" Of course I was not only shocked but so proud of my baby for taking the next step toward big boy-hood. Only another mother would know the excitement of her child pooping in the potty. I have to say this might very well be a one time thing, I don't think he is ready to full on train. It might just be for going #2, either way I'm fine as long as he doesn't take as long as Ty did...

Other funny things, Cannon says Aye instead of yeah. ex: Cannon do want a yogurt? Aye.
It isn't like Aye, Aye Captain, it's more like a Mr. Miyagi (sp) Aye. It's pretty funny.

He is obsessed with any kind of ball, without any sort of "this is what boys play with" kind of training. He is attached to a soccer ball mostly, but recently Shane started to play B-ball at the community center where we can actually go and watch games and Cannon has found a new love. Sometimes he would prefer to bounce the basketball and then have it double as a soccer ball but only if he is wearing his sister's tap shoes. (apparently it hurts his feet)

We have a book called "What do you love" and on every page that question is asked rhetorically, Cannon always answers with "I wuv YOU" to whoever is reading it to him.

In his car seat he absolutely detests the bottom of his pants not covering his socks. So without fail EVERYTIME we get in the car I have to make sure that his pants are not riding up after I buckle him or he will scream. Oh, and if his shoes are untied at anytime, or even look like they're coming untied he lets us know right away.

He doesn't really say his S's, it comes out more like a German "ashhh" or if you where trying to say S only with the back part of your tongue?... One of his signature phrases around here is "okay Mr. Bossy" with his little S thing it comes out pretty funny, also something he has picked up is "oh niiice." Again, insert the S thing.

He is probably the most snuggly of our children, he still falls asleep on us at church(which means he doesn't go to nursery), would prefer to be carried than put in a cart or stroller and still wants one of us to lay down with him at night while he goes to sleep. I'm okay with keeping him a baby as long as possible.

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Michelle said...

I almost thought that picture was of Tyler. Congrats on the pooping:) From what I understand...the pooping is the hard part of potty training. Good job Cannon!!